A few holiday sketches… And my happy new year wishes!

Hey, I know that’s a bit late to share some Christmas tree sketches but my mom likes to keep it up to the New Year eve to spin things out so… 😉 maybe that’s not so late after all?! 😅

The fir is too big and too heavy by now to go inside the house so we decorated it in the courtyard.
Isn’t it lovely? 😃 holiday3


I really want to wish you the best for 2017. 💚💛💜

More peace for the heart and in the world, more carefreeness, more love and happy little moments to create, to share and to enjoy… ☺️
and a lot of art and creative spirit in your life, of course!! 🎉😍


I paint a lot on my landscape small sketchbook, these days, using it vertically! 😛



As the weather was rather cold, I tried to make some cosy comfy sketches at home.
I realized lamps are amazing subjects to paint when the daylight is gone! 😉

There is at least a small holiday touch in each of my sketches… 😊




To the left, that’s the Christmas market of Antwerp, a wonderful Belgian city. 😊

To the right, I am not sure it shows (I am so used to use the white of the paper for the light), but there was an incredible thick frost lasting for a few days so I painted again the Christmas tree with its frost looking like snow, when the night was starting to fall.
I painted a lot wet in wet on this one. 😉


And, at last, here are a few chocolates, just for you!! 😘



I hope you have been enjoying a really pleasant start for the new year. ☺️

Happy creating! 😝

9 thoughts on “A few holiday sketches… And my happy new year wishes!

  1. Thank you, Anne-Laure. I appreciate your painting, and that you share your work with us. Happy New Year!

  2. Anne-Laure, I don’t tell you often enough that I love your work. Thank you for the time you take to send this out.

  3. wow…those colors……..
    Thank you for sharing.
    India is getting closer. I look so much forward to our workshop.

  4. You are a big inspiration for me. I love your personality and your kindness of heart. I thank you for sharing your knowledge of watercolors. I look forward to your paintings, instructions, and good news.

  5. Thank you so much, Phyllis, Robbin, Berit, Cathy, Pernill and Karen for such kind words about my work and about me…

    Thanks for the kind wishes for the year and for being with me in this incredible sketching adventure!!

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