A video about the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Chicago!

Hey! Hi everyone! I’m back!! 😁 😅 😜

😝 Happy New Year!!!!!😝
I wish you a huge lot of creativity in 2018. 😌


And I am REALLY happy that I at last managed to start working on the video shots I took during the Urban Sketchers Symposium last July in Chicago. 🎨 😎
Yes, time flies but, even a few months later, that’s a real pleasure to enjoy the atmosphere of the Symposium with the sketchers everywhere,the interesting workshops, the warmth of summer, and the craziness of Chicago!!  😃

This fist video sets the atmosphere and features Suhita Shirodkar workshop about people sketching with a gestural and line of action approach. 😊
I hope you will like it, either you went in Chicago or not! ☺️


Next time, I will try to share a few of my watercolor sketches from this amazing trip.
I am also going to keep working on the videos so feel free to check the YouTube channel from time to time or to subscribe with the notifications if you don’t want to miss it.

See you soon! 🙂

8 thoughts on “A video about the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Chicago!

  1. Fabulous Anne-Laure! So good to see a new video on your site. I learn lots from your videos, and this was no exception. Nice to remember better weather too. Hard to get creative in the dark weather here right now, but it will all change soon.
    Best wishes to you in this new year.

    • Hi Robin! Hey, Juicies power!! I was so happy to see your and Margot’s comment on this update!
      Thanks for your kind words about the video. I hope you will find the new type for videos I envision to offer interesting too.

      Winter is hard for me too and I didn’t sketch much these past weeks/months but I decided that I was going to start again especially at home with all kind of subjects. A big hug to you and Rus!!!

  2. Anne-Laure
    So great to see you and hear your warm enthusiastic voice again.

    The Bean seems to create an amazing interactive environment.

    Your ink and watercolor people gesture sketches reminded my of doing the same in rainy Quimper while standing under big umbrellas.

    • Margot, thank you so much for your comment! It brings so much memories to have you and Robin commenting, and to work on the Symposium videos, and to browse again my Brittany sketchbook quite regularly… 2017 was such a year!!
      That day in Quimper was quite awful in itself but such a wonderful memory too!!

      About the Bean, yes, I was surprised to like it so much and that is was such a nice creation, original, crazy and interactive.

  3. I’m enjoying your videos and find you very inspiring. One question — where did you find the binder clips with magnets on them?

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