A watercolor workshop in India !!

FemmeIndiennePettWould you like to paint with me, for real?! 😀
Would you be tempted to discover India and creating a watercolor journal from your trip?

I am just amazed to announce that I can offer you both!!!
Isn’t it the best news, ever?!
So, yes, I am going to lead a two weeks watercolor workshop… in India ! 😝

On the programm :
▶︎ Learning how to paint with watercolor, without (or almost without) pencil guidelines ; improving your watercolor sketching skills ;
▶︎ Learning to make quicker and more spontaneous sketches to be able to record, on the spot, some subjects you loved within 10 to 30 mn ;
▶︎ Creating an amazing travel journal together ;
▶︎ Learning how to translate your fantastic discoveries into brushstrokes ;
▶︎ Spending the best time, ever, painting the colors of India!! 😀

The workshop is for beginners artists as well as seasoned sketchers or painters.
It will take place next February, in North India.

“Going places together” and me are going into partnership to offer you this special watercolor sketching trip in a fabulous place! Thank you to Nancy for this amazing opportunity and for all the work to organize the trip in the best way. 😘


The trip 😀

The trip is composed of :
▶︎ Workshop days with watercolor sketching courses and demos ;
▶︎ Excursions days with a tour of the place and free sketching opportunities ;
▶︎ Free days when you will be able to wander as you want, sketch, take some photos, go shopping and so on.

Below is what I envision to offer for the workshop days. ☺️ There are two workshop days in each city we will visit! 😀
These are PDF files so you can save them for you to read, or print them if you want to. (BTW, I worked on that with Nancy, for her website too, that’s why it’s written at the third person 😉 )

To read the whole trip schedule (the entire two weeks programm with the excursion days, free days and travel days too), feel free to visit the “Going place together” page for the trip !


Watercolor courses and demos in Delhi.

So, as as start, we will discover the amazing city of Delhi.
Old Delhi and New Delhi will give us various and fantastic opportunities to paint! 😙



Watercolor courses and demos in Varanasi.

Then, we will have a flight to Varanasi (Benares), a dreamlike colorful city near the Gange. 😍



Watercolor courses and demos in Agra (Taj Mahal).

Our last destination, before going back to Delhi, will be Agra, with its famous Taj Mahal! 😀



Trip and workshop atmosphere 😝

If you don’t know what to expect during the trip, I can tell you! 😉

Like in the pictures below, the trip will be full of friendly sketching time and of amazing moments discovering the Indian culture, full of creative sharing, amazing watercolor painting progresses, loose colorful sketches of unforgettable locations… and full of brushes everywhere!! 😄
It will be the best holiday ever!

AmbianceIndiaBy the way, thank you so much to my sister, Sylvaine, for all these gorgeous photos from india! She is so talented. ☺️

About the watercolors, it was so fun to travel in time (along with in space) to bring back to you these quick sketches of India !! 😇 Did you see the date stamp?! Time travel, as I was telling you. 😁 😄


About the style : a sketchy watery approach 😙

Each of us will paint with the style he/she likes but I will suggest the participants to work in a very painterly sketchy style.
We will use a travel journal approach, if you like it too, with writing adds, stamps, ephemera… 😊

Some days, I will lead you to make some 30 mn to 1 hour outdoor paintings. Indeed, as I prefer to keep the freshness and spontaneity of the work, my advice will be not to spend more than this duration for a piece. Plus, your sketchbook pages will be so much more interesting and richer with several sketches like that than with a lonely big 3 hours one! Your day will also be more fulfilling that way, I can assure you. 😉

At other times, we will work on even quicker vignettes and looser sketches, more like the ones I made for this article.
As a reference, the woman with a red sari is a 5 mn sketch. I spent 10 mn on the Jama Masjid mosque and on the woman holding a jar sketches. The Taj Mahal from the garden sketch is a 15 mn piece.
Wouldn’t you want to be able to catch a subject within 10 mn or 15 mn, just to express its essence and its colors, in a spontaneous approach?

But the main idea is you will sketch with the style you want / you like / you have and I will try to help you to improve your style and your paintings, whatever approach you want to follow. 😊




Useful informations

So, the essential information is : ☺️
▶︎ The dates. From 19 February 2017 to 06 March 2017.
▶︎ For who ?! All passionate sketchers and artists in the making, even beginners or not yet watercolorists. 😉
▶︎ Size of the group. We want to create a not too big group of about 10 painters. You can travel with a non-sketcher companion, if you want to.
▶︎ The language. The worskshop will be given with my special English, with a “slight” French accent !! 😁
▶︎ The places. Delhi, Varanasi and Agra, in North India.

▶︎ The price : The cost of 3 409 $ USD includes the nights in luxury Radisson Hotels and in the Palace on Ganges hotel, with the breakfast too, two flights to go from Delhi to Varanasi and from Varanasi to Agra, nice excursions days with a special bus for us, the admission for the amazing places and monuments we will visit, rickshaw journeys, some delicious dinners, the watercolor workshop, of course, and, at last, the organization work of Nancy and her reassuring presence during the trip, seeing to every ones every need. 😊

By the way, Nancy went to India many many times so you can be sure she knows her work very well and is the ideal guide to make you spend the best time ever in these fabulous Indian cities.

Please follow this link to get all the useful informations about the trip.
From the “Going places together” website, you will be able, too, to send an email to Nancy, to ask some practical questions or to tell her about your willing to go. 😊 Nancy is so sweet, don’t hesitate to contact her, even if you are not sure to go with us, yet! If you worry about your flight to come in India or other things about the trip, she will be pleased to search for information for you and to give you some really useful tips.

If you have some questions, feel free to ask me or Nancy!



Marc Taro Holmes recommendation

Hum, it’s a bit embarrassing for me but Marc Taro Holmes wrote such kind things to support this workshop that I just can’t keep it for me. ☺️
So, as a conclusion for this Workshop proposal, I am handing over to him (thank you so much, Marc, for such an amazing recommendation!!).

I am very impressed with Anne-Laure Jacquart inspired approach to watercolor painting and sketchbook journaling. Her work is remarkably fresh, fun to watch happening, and full of storytelling.
In her own life, she’s been a teacher for many years, and is also the author of seven books on photography and composition. She has been working for awhile now on her career as a travel-sketcher, and is keeping an excellent sketching blog I recommend to everyone.

I think Anne-Laure work is ideally suited to the life, color and excitement of India. She will be able to lead you all in making wonderful sketchbook journals of the trip. Exactly the kind of thing I would love to have done in such an exotic place.

Marc Taro Holmes.



See you in India!!!

I am looking forward to meet you and to paint together!
I really hope you will be able to come! ☺️

So, see you in India! 😆

21 thoughts on “A watercolor workshop in India !!

  1. WOW. Sounds great. I’m in Western Australia and would love for you to add me to your list of invitees.

    • Hi Margaret, Thank you so much!
      I am so happy that you envision to come with us in India!!
      It’s going to be an awesome sketching adventure!

      I am sending you an email.

    • Ni Nancy,

      Thank you for your interest for the trip! 🙂

      The price of $3,409.26 USD is for a single person, for a shared room.
      There is a $950.00 USD supplement to get a single room (But I think it’s more fun to share the room, just for two weeks. 😉 I will share the room, in India, even if I am the instructor and I could have asked a room just for myself, because I think this kind of adventure is about sharing, creating and almost living together 🙂 ).

      You can go with a non-painter companion, of you want to.
      The price without the workshop, for the companion, is $3,073.12 USD.

      Hope that helps! Feel free to ask some other questions if you need to. 🙂

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  3. bonjour,
    I am a Canadian living in France for many years. I am a beginner but passionate about learning. I would like to attend this fantastic sounding trip! serait possible de vous appeler Anne Laure pour en parler un peu avant m’engager?? avec mes remerciements,

    • Hi Elaine! Thank you so much for your message!!
      I am very happy that you envision to come in India with us!

      I send you an email.

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  5. I am interested in the India workshop. I have been to India twice and I love it. I’m new to watercolors- this fall I’m spending 3 months in the American Southwest at four plein air workshops and consider myself a sketchbook artist. This would be perfect. Let me know the next steps. Thanks. Danielle

    • Hi Danielle,

      I am sorry I didn’t see your comment at the time because of the rush for the exhibition but I now know that you found your way to subscribe to the India workshop so…. that amazing!!!!

      I am really happy you are going to paint with us in India. I can’t wait!!

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  8. Hi Anne Laurent
    I live in india and would like to join this workshop tour.
    I am a recently inspired water colour painter and never done plein air or from real life. Would I fit in?
    What would be the cost if I join you from Delhi.
    Looking forward to a learning and sharing experience.


  9. I am pleased to say that we are filling this workshop. All are welcome. At this time, Anne-Laure’s workshop is still open to two more sketchers. Come along, this is going to be a very special adventure.

    • Thank you for the review, Nancy!
      Yes, I am sooooooo proud and happy that we have enough participants to go!!! 😀
      That’s just awesome.

      Thank you for your work too. ☺️

  10. Hi,
    I live in India and would like to join this trip. Could you please let me know the cost if I join in Delhi.
    Thanks. Somya

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  12. Hi! I am from Durban South Africa.
    Disappointed that I have missed the dates as I only just saw your article on the workshop in India. Please do let me know when you are conducting another one.

    Warm regards


  13. For 2021 are you conducting any watercolor workshop. Please let me know. Thank you

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