About me :)


Hi !

My name is Anne-Laure (that’s my first name 😉). I am a 35 years old creative person. I live in France, in Brittany, and one of my favorite activity in life is to show the world in my own way through creative photography and watercolor sketching.

My job is being an author of books about photography. BTW, feel free to visit my website about photography, if you like it too!

2 years and a half ago, I started to sketch, to widen my “expressive range”. So, yes, I am pretty much a beginner but I think it’s great to share what we do and what we know, at each stage of learning 😌. And sketching really became a new passion! 

Watercolor offers me a new way to see and express shapes, colors, textures. On the other hand, the contrast search (strong values) and composition work are shared by sketching and photography. These common points and differences explain why I think these two exciting favorite activities of mine enhance each other. ☺️

I am a sketcher, which means I like to share quick impressions, in a sketchbook, of my surroundings. I belong to the Urban Sketchers worldwide organization but I like to sketch landscapes, home atmospheres, everyday things and natural details as well ad city sketching! 🙂

TubeSo, my favorite technique is watercolor. It’s such a fascinating technique!
I love to be able to play with colors and values on the go, to let the hues melt, to the pigment float and travel on the page, creating some unique effects… What an adventure, each time!

During the past years, I have shared my sketches on Instagram, adding more and more explanation to my posts, as it is so interesting to talk about creative issues, sketching approach, watercolor portable gear!… At last, I thought a blog would be a better place to share all of this thinking and learning.
I hope my English is not too horrible to read. Thanks for your indulgence. 😌

Welcome in my creative world! 😀😙




🇫🇷 A mes chers lecteurs français / francophones,
Pour différentes raisons, j’écris en anglais sur ce blog et il serait vraiment trop fastidieux de tout traduire…

Cependant, si vous avez des questions, souhaitez des explications sur les croquis, les aquarelles, le contenu des articles, n’hésitez-pas à m’interroger dans les commentaires, en français. Je vous répondrai avec plaisir. 😊