What if your brushes had a thinner tip than you think?! ;)

Isn’t it a weird question?! 😅

But it’s a good question!…
…because I noticed something on all my round brushes.
(maybe that’s because there are not the most expensive brushes ever? even if they are made with natural hair?…)




Their tip is not perfectly round! 😱

Is the tip of your round brushes slightly flat too?
I think you might want to check. 😉

There is a 45° turn between the two photos I took.
(By the way, this is a Winson & Newton sable pointed round but I noticed that on all my round watercolor brushes)


I didn’t read anything about that so I thought it could be useful to tell you and to talk with you about this distinctive feature. Indeed, if you want to trace a really thin line but hold your brush the wrong way, it can be a problem!  😒

So, to trace a thin horizontal line, hold the brush in a way you can see the flat side towards you. On the contrary, to trace a thin vertical line, hold the brush in a way you see the thinner side.

Hope that helps! ☺️

Do your brushes have the same feature than mines? 😉




Stay tuned for the last Manchester Symposium videos! 😀

3 thoughts on “What if your brushes had a thinner tip than you think?! ;)

  1. I looked but to tell which was the flat side I needed my 8x Lupe to see it, so I’m guessing it won’t make that much difference. My hands aren’t steady enough to paint a line so thin. Can’t WAIT for the last video from Manchester, and the next one from you… I so enjoy watching you paint. Off to re-watch one of your videos.

  2. You’re so right. I have a daVinci round brush that doesn’t keep its point and it is slightly flat. So disappointing.

  3. I’m very picky about my brush tips, my favorite is a Princeton #16 round with the very best tapered fime point. I can almost paint a whole painting with it, large or small.

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