Practicing figure sketching. #OneWeek100People2017

Did you participate to that event too? 😊 Last week, Marc Taro Holmes and Liz Steel had the great idea to encourage the sketchers from all over the world to practice their people sketching, trying to make 100 people sketch in one week.


I decided to participate, even if I regretted the many people of India (always eager to pose!) and the warm weather helping to go out and sketch! At last, I reached the 100 sketches! 😀 Even if I wasn’t able to do a lot of sketches from life, I took the chance to experiment a lot with different sketching materials to try to improve my people sketching.

In fact, it was not on purpose but I changed the medium each day, funnily! ☺️
NB : I didn’t sketched all day but rather moved forward a lot on the challenge the days I sketched! 😉


The first day of the challenge, I was for a few hours in Paris, on my way back from India.

The gloomy rainy weather were really discouraging but, thanks to the #OneWeek100People2017 challenge, I forced myself to go out and find a cafe spot where I could sketch people. 😊 Continue reading

My tribute to humanity… Pencil portraits of people from all around the world.

I admit that, at first, doing these portraits after photos, using the Sktchy app, really was only for practice.

NB : Sktchy is an application you can get on a smartphone or tablet, where people upload some pics of them so you can do their portrait.
It’s a fun sharing! Thank you to the people who “posed” for me virtually through the app and lent their face for my video.

You know how much the journaling thing is important to me. I like to record things that are really happening around me, objects that I like, places I visit. So, that’s true that sketching someone I don’t know after a photo wasn’t interesting for me in itself, to begin with! As I said, it was just for practice.

But, then, something happened. The black and white pencils on toned paper technique started to give life to these faces and then Orlando happened ☹️ and something clicked…
I started to like these faces I was translating on the paper. I started to feel fascinated by the amazing beauty of the unique features of one unique person in the world. 😃


Plus, besides all this diversity, we can find so much common points too, especially this human face I try to understand better, to “learn”, to catch with this drawing practice. You know, two eyes, a nose, a mouth… A forehead always taller than you think… 😉 all this things that makes us so similar to each other. Continue reading

Our family exhibition in Northern France

I was telling you that I took my sketchbook out for an upcoming exhibition… 😉
Now, you are going to know everything! 😝

This exhibition is very special, because it’s a family exhibition!! 😀 I am going to exhibit my work along with the pieces of my parents and my two sisters. Isn’t it just fun and awesome?! 😝
As our last name is “Jacquart”, the exhibition name “Jacqu’Art Family” was easy to find !! 😅✌️😁

Here is the poster for the exhibition. ☺️


I know most of you unfortunately live too far from us to come and see us, but I was thinking that you could be happy to “meet” virtually my creative family through this article.
Plus, maybe some of you live in France, Belgium or even England and could come visit our exhibition?! 😀 What if you could spend a nice week end with your partner or family, in my beautiful region of origin and visit Douai, Arras, Lille, their amazing French architecture and lovely streets?! 😙

The opening is the 3rd of June at 6:30 PM, in Douai, FRANCE.


Soooo, would you like to meet my family and discover which are the own unique artistic talent of each one?! 😀 Continue reading

I now have a YouTube channel !! Watercolor quick sketch of primroses time lapse video.

The videos uploaded directly on the website didn’t work well, especially on tablets, and I couldn’t offer videos longer than 1 minute so a YouTube channel will be, for sure, the best way to share with you my small fun videos. 😉


Plus, I envision to share some of Marc Taro Holmes demos so… Stay tuned! 😀

To go you my YouTube page, you can click on the pic, above.
I added the YouTube link to the site menu, too, at the top right of the website. Continue reading

Talks about lines, pencil shading, “ink on wet” sketches and other interesting things :)

Even if this blog is mainly about watercolor sketching, it happens that we need / we want to use other tools, along with watercolor in a mixed media approach, or on their own. ☺️

The “Drawing” category will allow me to discuss these other techniques with you.

It will be very interesting to talk about lines…
Their thickness variations, their continuity or non-continuity, their speed, their expressiveness. 🙂 Continue reading