Watercolor Sketchbook DIY Tutorial!!

Hey what’s up?! 😃 As for me, I have been working on some quite exciting tutorials related to watercolor sketching lately!! 😛
I am so happy to share them with you. 🎉😝


As usual, these days, they are video tutorials, as it’s really the better way for me to show you stuff! 😊😉

But before sharing the tutorials with you, important thing. 😌
Some people told me they didn’t really know how to find the videos on their own, and how to to get notified about them and everything – and that’s essential, as I made quite a lot of videos in addition to these ones : about the color choices for my watercolor palette, sketchbook tours, watercolor demos, a lot of good stuff!! 😛
I offer 2 to 3 videos a week so I really can’t share them all and make a newsletter for each of them here on my blog. 😊 Continue reading

I am packing for India!!!! (painting gear for my upcoming adventure)

Hey, time really flies!! It’s almost there! 😃

Next week, I will fly to India and will able to enjoy 17 awesome days in a different colorful culture… I am so looking forward to discovering it… and to painting it, of course! 🎨
Plus, I will have the amazing chance to lead a watercolor workshop there and I am so excited about it!! 😝


Leaving for India!! 🕌

Actually, I only made really few trips during these 15 past years and I even realized I have never been out of Europe yet!!
So, I am sure it’s going to be a life-changing adventure for me! Because of India and because of to the watercolor workshop too. 😊 Continue reading

What if your brushes had a thinner tip than you think?! ;)

Isn’t it a weird question?! 😅

But it’s a good question!…
…because I noticed something on all my round brushes.
(maybe that’s because there are not the most expensive brushes ever? even if they are made with natural hair?…)




Their tip is not perfectly round! 😱

Is the tip of your round brushes slightly flat too?
I think you might want to check. 😉 Continue reading

The benefit of the missing color

I am telling you just a little story, for a start… 😉

Sketching day! You are going to draw on location all day, your inspiration is awesome, the sun is shining, your fellow urban sketchers have great watercolor approaches to share with you… It’s going to be a perfect day!

But, suddenly, horror! You realize that the pan of one of your favorite color is almost empty! Damn!
Are you going to let that bad news ruin your sketching session?!


Of course, not!

And, wait, what if a empty watercolor pan could, at last, be an advantage, and even a good idea?! 😀 Continue reading

My creative bag : my portable painting studio :)

Sketching on the go is not always easy so, today, I am going to talk to you about my creative bag. 😊

Just when I was starting to build a sketching habit, my mother in law gave me this bag as a birthday gift. 👍😝 And it became an amazing help for my sketching practice! 😀



One of the most important feature of this bag is that it is just the right size to hold a pen vertically and to carry an A5 sketchbook. What I am trying to express is that it is not like these way too big bags with all the stuff lost in the bottom!! 😉 The sketchbook is just within easy reach and I created a little vertical pocket to keep the pens and sometimes the brushes just near at hand, too. Continue reading

Creative gear talking and sharing

It’s always so interesting to learn about which tools other sketchers and artists like to use, and how!

Obviously, it’s not thanks to your great material that you will become a great artist… There are so many people (including me) that often produce nothing special with their sometimes expensive wonderful tools! 😱 😜
So, the secret really is to consider how to use this kind of paper, or paint, or brush etc. It’s to find which tools can serve your purpose and how you can use it to enhance your work. ☺️

Big undertaking, isn’t it?! 😉

But that’s fine. If it’s a pleasure to create, to try some tools, to think about materials, you can spend time doing it and have fun, right?! 🙂
That’s important, though, not to forget to really create with the tools you discovered and bought! 😌


As an Urban Sketcher, but also a “countryside sketcher”, a “seascape sketcher” and even a “home sketcher”, 😁 I have to use light and handy tools to be able to sketch on the go, often standing.
So, it’s always useful that each of use share his own tips and tricks to help the others to become better sketching adventurers too! 😀 Continue reading