Some NEWS! YouTube & Patreon + Secret upcoming Painting Challenge

Hi everyone!!

As most of you may already know, my BLOG became a VLOG and I am mostly on YouTube at the moment. 😃
I like the visual aspect of videos and, thanks to them, I can talk to you for real!! 😛 😁
(and you can hear my “charming accent” as well!!! 😅 😂 😜 )

I offer 2 videos a week on average : Sketchbook Tutorials, Watercolor Demos, Casual VLOG and Journaling sharing and more. 😊

Here is a LINK to my Creative Watercolor Channel, with a pop up for subscription so that you can join easily if you want to. 😌

💜 💛


I’m on Patreon!!! 🎉 😃

Plus, the big News right now is that I am now on Patreon as well! 😃

Feel free to watch the video below to know everything about why I created a Patreon page and what it is if you don’t know about it.
I also talk about topics like building a community, making money as an artist, Social Media, my personal art journey…

Wouldn’t it be crazy that I would write down your name in my Sketchbook?!
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An hymn to color

I noticed that the compliment people make the more often about my watercolors is “I looooove your colors!!”. 😀🎨😳😁 Thank you so much, guys, by the way, for the kind words!! ☺️

That’s true that I am pretty at ease with colors… Maybe there is something special about my use of colors?… Not so sure… Do you think so?!

My critic self often thinks that I work too much with colors and that this does a bit of harm to the value impact of my pieces…Painters often say that values are more important than colors (which is highly probably true) so that’s not so good to be too much into colors ! Continue reading

Watercolor sketches from India!!!!!

I am in India for a while and I can’t believe what I see and what I live. All of it is really stunning! The dreamy atmosphere, the smile of people, the colors, the business… This is so impressive!!

I am really happy to share with you some of my loose work in this colorful and exciting country.
Temples and statues everywhere, bright colors, gorgeous atmospheres… India is a real gift for the painter!

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Watercolor inspiration, and my upcoming workshop, in France.

So, I guess I am going to talk a lot about watercolor workshops these days… 😉
Is’t it so exciting to be able to paint together in some gorgeous places all over the world though?!! 😃

Of course, the group for India is full but we are currently setting the group for my future workshop in France.


It will take place next September (2 to 15 September) but Nancy, my trip organiser said it’s time for those was are interested in attending to register, as we have to hold the rooms in the hotels until then, thanks to the registering. 😊

A lot of people especially know Paris and Provence, in France but, believe me, there are many absolutely gorgeous places in the other regions too ! And, in my opinion, Brittany is one of the most beautiful, because of its stunning coasts, authentic villages and diversity of landscapes and atmospheres. 😍
There are so much awesome places and adorable secret spots that you could paint there for a whole year without feeling bored! 😅 😀

As I know Brittany really well, I chose myselft the places we will visit and paint. So I can speak in full knowledge of the facts. 😉 Continue reading

A few holiday sketches… And my happy new year wishes!

Hey, I know that’s a bit late to share some Christmas tree sketches but my mom likes to keep it up to the New Year eve to spin things out so… 😉 maybe that’s not so late after all?! 😅

The fir is too big and too heavy by now to go inside the house so we decorated it in the courtyard.
Isn’t it lovely? 😃 holiday3


I really want to wish you the best for 2017. 💚💛💜

More peace for the heart and in the world, more carefreeness, more love and happy little moments to create, to share and to enjoy… ☺️
and a lot of art and creative spirit in your life, of course!! 🎉😍 Continue reading

Full watercolor demo : Amanitas, during a creative walk in the woods [video]

So, here am I with one of the promised video. 😊😉

I really hope you will like this creative walk in the woods with me and the juicy red watercolor flowing on the page!! 😍


It’s so enjoyable to paint on the spot like that, even if it’s not really “Urban sketching” ! 😜
(Do you think I have to create a “Wood Sketchers” community?!!! 😂😅😉) Continue reading

Work(s) in progress!

Hi everyone!

There is so much going on, here, and so much things so handle that I have not been able to share anything for a while…
Frankly, I will probably need one more week to offer a real content here so I decided to publish this short “work(s) in progress” post, so that you know that I didn’t forget you! 😉

I shot a lot of videos for you during the past few weeks, indeed.
I am looking forward to working on the footages to create the real videos! 😃

Here is a bit of a teasing. 😝


I made myself a new palette and shot the whole operation for you (with some comments about my color choices).
Here it is. You’ll see that it’s a very special one! I really like to use it. 😊

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