Creative gear talking and sharing

It’s always so interesting to learn about which tools other sketchers and artists like to use, and how!

Obviously, it’s not thanks to your great material that you will become a great artist… There are so many people (including me) that often produce nothing special with their sometimes expensive wonderful tools! 😱 😜
So, the secret really is to consider how to use this kind of paper, or paint, or brush etc. It’s to find which tools can serve your purpose and how you can use it to enhance your work. ☺️

Big undertaking, isn’t it?! 😉

But that’s fine. If it’s a pleasure to create, to try some tools, to think about materials, you can spend time doing it and have fun, right?! 🙂
That’s important, though, not to forget to really create with the tools you discovered and bought! 😌


As an Urban Sketcher, but also a “countryside sketcher”, a “seascape sketcher” and even a “home sketcher”, 😁 I have to use light and handy tools to be able to sketch on the go, often standing.
So, it’s always useful that each of use share his own tips and tricks to help the others to become better sketching adventurers too! 😀


For sure, I will talk about my creative bag, too! 😍
That’s my portable studio. 😝

One thought on “Creative gear talking and sharing

  1. Hi Anne-Laure,
    I enjoyed reading your article about Alvaro Castagnet’s workshop in Salzburg. It brought back wonderful memories of that week. In the photo, Alvaro is wearing my apron.
    I love your youtube with the 8 principles of watercolor painting. They are indeed the things I , like many watercolorists need to continually remind myself of.
    I also remember our very pleasant time in Brooklyn.
    I am thinking about your workshop in India in January, having never visited that country.
    Congratulations on your article.

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