For your sketchbook to become a sort of illustrated journal

Strangely, I am not really interested in making watercolor paintings on some big sheets of paper to hang on the walls or to draw some random subjects from pics found on the web… 😳

It’s really important for me that the sketching technique is used for a purpose, to enhance a subject I love, a moment I want to remember and that my sketchbook become a “visual journal”.

I call them “sketchbooks” but my goal is more creating a sort of “travel journal” feel with the sketches I make at home and in my surroundings. 😉
I am thrilled about creating an illustrated journal from my life!
That’s not even really to create a “souvenir” as the best part, in my opinion, is creating it, not browsing it. I think it’s a way to live (yep!). 😀 Creating is my way to look at things, to appreciate them, and to be happy! (I even wrote a book about “day to day photography” and enhancing your sourroundings subjects so that’s not new for me. It’s probably a part of my personality. Perhaps of yours too? ☺️)

Whoo, what a chatty girl!… 😁

So, in this “Sketchbook” category, I would like to share with you my habits and tips to convert a simple sketchbook page to a journal one, in a travel diary style.

Text and ephemera adds, borders, stamps and even some special ways to associate your sketches can change easily the feeling of a simple notebook. It don’t need much! Sketches are, of course, the most important part, but a few things can help you to reach a new level. 😀

Along with the articles, I will show you some videos of my sketchbooks leafthrough. I hope it will inspire you!
Here is a video of the sketchbook I have just finished. 🙂

I know some of you may think it’s crappy to just listen some music when making a video (and not add it later, properly). However, that’s very important to me to create a simple blog with not too much editing and so on. If not, you won’t enjoy as much videos as you could, on this blog… The visual part is what is important so feel free to use he mute button if you prefer.

BTW, the music I am listening is “Aventine” by the amazing Danish Artist Agnes Obel. 

So, do you like to turn your sketchbook into a sort of “everyday travel journal, too”?
Which are your favorite design page tricks? ☺️

7 thoughts on “For your sketchbook to become a sort of illustrated journal

  1. Great to have a look in your sketchbook, although I have difficulties watching the video. It keeps stuttering. Otherwise all is perfect

    • The stuttering is disappointing…. Did you tried on a computer, with a wired connection?!
      I hope my upcoming videos with work well.

  2. Hi Anne-Laure I really like your work but my computer is having difficulty with these sketchbook leafthrough’s, is there any chance you can put some sketchbook leafthrough’s (flips) on to your Youtube channel. Would be great to see them. Thanks Caroline

    • Caroline, thank you for telling me!
      I replaced the other videos that didn’t work well but I forgot this one!

      Now, the video is working, here in the article (think of choosing the HD quality!), and you can watch it on my YouTube channel too. 🙂

      Thank you again for the report! 😉

  3. This is exactly what I would like to do with my journals! Thanks so much for sharing. You have a new artsy friend follower!

  4. I love your style and your sketchbooks are Awesome!. I really wish I could watch the way that you paint. Do you have any videos or do you teach any classes online? Looking at your work really inspires me. Thank you soooo much!

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