French church. Real time watercolor demo with explanations. [video]

I am very happy to offer, today, my first watercolor demo on location!! 😀
It’s not perfect but I think that this test shooting was pretty much convincing nevertheless. Please tell me what you think. 😊



So, in the video, you will see me sketching a Breton church (in Pleyben) straight with the brush, with watercolor.
I try to explain, while painting, how I translate the subject on paper to create, I hope, a nice, loose and fresh quick painting. Once again, I have to apologize for my jabbering English… I will try to get better, I promise! ☺️

You will be able to see my gear, too, at the beginning of the video.

Recording these kind of videos makes me realize I fiddle sometimes too much with my sketches and am way too slow to grow some of the shapes 😉 but I hope the demo is good, nevertheless.
This is a real time video, so no speed up at all. However, you’ll see that I don’t paint the whole time at the same speed. It’s fun and a bit weird!! 😅 Sometimes, I paint at a slow pace, refining the shapes a bit too much and, suddenly, I dive into quick calligraphic marks and you could believe that I speeded up the video!! 😁

I hope that the video won’t be boring for you, as it’s a real time one, sharing the process for an around 35 mn sketch.

I think I will keep offering speed up videos, real time video, fun short videos, I mean all kind of videos, as you can share so much with this technique!! 😝 Please tell me, though, if you prefer some kind of video, for example if you think real time videos are too slow and boring or, on the contrary, more interesting especially with the explanation (even with my bad English).
It would be very interesting for me to know. 😊


As I am offering a watercolor workshop in India, some people told me that they couldn’t travel there to paint with me but would be very interested in an online class, by me.
Whooo, thank you so much guys, I am very proud and happy!! 😱😝

So, I started to think about it. 😉 I would like to offer both “teaching videos” with small quick sketches, simple shape creating, exercices suggestions and so on, and “bigger demos” (like the one I am sharing today) where you could see how I apply the techniques in a real sketch.

If you watched a video like this one within an online class (maybe with a better sound and a more enthusiastic tone 😁😜, if possible), would you be happy with it? Would you think that the demo and the quality of the video are good enough for a class? 😊
Do you think you could be interested to attend an online class with me? 😳☺️

By the way, don’t worry! Even if I worked on an online class, I would keep sharing with you some demos and some others videos for free, of course. 😘

I hope you will like the video! Happy watching!


33 thoughts on “French church. Real time watercolor demo with explanations. [video]

  1. I do like your videos and would be interested in an online class. I would also be interested in a workshop in France (one week to ten days? any region).

    I’m still thinking about India but it’s too soon to plan for a trip in 2017.

    • Thank you so much Nancy!! 😀 I think I will work on the online class at the return of the summer holiday. 😉

      We are starting to think about a workshop in France, too, probably around 10 to 12 days in my region, Brittany. The coasts and the villages and towns are so lovely! I am sure you will love it!!! 😛

  2. Love all your videos they are clear and informative and I always learn something. I am coming to India with you so on line videos will provide really useful practice.

    • Yes, thank you for coming with me in India, Annie! 😀
      Thank you for your trust!!!

      It can be great to practice before leaving, even if we will work together on growing shapes with the brush, simplifying buildings and scenes, using values and so on, there too. ☺️

  3. Thank you for this video….I love to see how you work in layers and simplify. The sound was not a problem. I really appreciate that you show the photo of the scene as you paint, and show the names of the paint. Well done!

    • Thanks for your feedback, Pat!
      It’s really appreciated. 😛

      That’s nice that you noted my efforts to put the photo and the name of the paint. 😉 I think there are nice additions, too, especially to be able to see the real thing at the same time you see me “translating it with paint and brushtrokes”. ☺️

  4. The video is great, I love watching you paint and draw and really, your english is wonderful, you should hear my french!!! In fact, if you did the videos in french I could have a language and painting lesson all in one!
    I too cannot get to India so would LOVE an online class, I would be happy to pay for this class….

    • Susan, thank you so much for this flood of compliments! 😀

      I am really happy to know you would be interested by an online class, from me. Thank you to say you would like to attend it! ☺️
      I think I will work on it when returning from the summer holidays. 😉

  5. The video was so good. Enjoyed seeing your set up prior to painting. All important if you thinking about an online workshop. The video was not too long. The viewer is allowed to see the whole process and that is important. So often videos cut out part of the process and the viewer can end up wondering how the artist reached a certain stage in the painting. It was good to hear your color choices and why you chose them. Yes i would love for you to do an online workshop. Your English is good and your accent enchanting! I really found your painting so interesting as you did not stay with the gray color of the building (making a mental note to do this next time). Thank you for sharing your video. Thank you also for sharing in your last post information on Jean Haines. I went ahead and purchased two of her books which I cannot put down. Watching you paint makes what I am reading come to life!

    • Hi Carmel,

      Thank you so much for this rich feedback! 😀
      I am so proud you would consider to attend my future online class. ☺️

      I think the same as you for the videos where you can’t see the whole process. 😉 I always feel frustrated.
      So, I want to show the whole process, trying to paint quickly, if possible, so that it doesn’t become boring, and even if there is a slightly messed up part, at a moment, or a struggling time. That’s part of the process! 😛 😉

      That’s so great that you find Jean Haines books inspiring too!! I am happy I helped you to discover her work and her books.
      I am sure I don’t really paint like her though!!!! 😉

      Thanks again for such a kind comment.

  6. Hi Anne-Laure. You are so good at sketching with paint! I have trouble PAINTING with paint. I love this video. Your English is very good and I had no trouble understanding you. Thank you for showing us your sketching stuff. Also, thanks for showing us this demo in real time.

    • Yes, sometimes, it’s a relief to think that we are only SKETCHING with paint, just trying to evoke a subject with brushstrokes and not necessarily creating a piece of art with and amazing background and subject rendering.

      Thank for your comment and feedback! ☺️

  7. Lovely Anne-Laure! It’s so helpful to hear your thought process as you paint. I agree that your English is excellent & your accent delightful. Learned much & agree with the previous comments. Thank you!

  8. The video was great. I really like the real time as opposed to skipping bits as some others do. Noting the colours and brushes is helpful too. The volume was a little low for me but I think you mentioned that. If you do an online course you might want to just give abbreviated versions for free viewing. I think your narrative is charming. All very well done. Congratulations.

    • Hi Ros!

      Thank you so much for your kind words about my video. ☺️

      I think the same as you for the videos where you can’t see the whole process. I always feel frustrated.
      So, I want to show the whole process, trying to paint quickly, if possible, so that it doesn’t become boring, and even if there is a slightly messed up part, at a moment, or a struggling time. That’s part of the process!

      I noted you feeling about the volume. I think I will try to buy another microphone and, maybe, the sound will be louder. I could try to speak louder too but I fear that it would not be easy, especially in a maybe more crowded place than this one. 😉

      Yes, I think I will share some excerpts of the online class and, maybe, the whole beginning for free. ☺️

  9. Thank you for your video. It was very inspiring and informative. Looking forward to your next one!

  10. Thank you for the video. I would be interested in on line classes, as I am half a world away and can’t possibly make the trip for personal teaching from you . I have enjoyed your posts and especially this video. It was very helpful. If you could make a separate list of all paint, brushes, paper, and the brands it would be helpful for each video, even if I cant get exact brand where I live, I can come close. Of. Course, talent helps, that I am working on developing that aspect of things with your help

    • Thank you Mary! I am very happy that you are interested in the online class and that you found this video enjoyable and helpful. 😀

      So, that’s because I didn’t indicate the brands of the paint that you considered that the information was lacking? (as I added the info about the colors on the video) ☺️ I will try to add some more precise information next time but each info to add is a bit more work so I have to be careful not to make it become a burden, you know. 😉

      So, here are the information about the gear I used in this video. ☺️

      Paper :
      300 gsm (180 lb) Arches watercolor cold press.

      Brushes :
      Dalbe pure squirrel (petit gris pur) mop. n°3.
      Winsor & Newton Artist sable brush pointed round n°8.
      Schleiper Belgium round Kolinski sable brush. Serie 2007. n°8. (to soften the edges)

      Paints (tubes) :

      Sennelier :
      Sennelier yellow light.
      Rose doré red garance.

      Daniel Smith :
      French ultramarine.
      Green apatite genuine.
      Quinacridone Rose
      Quinacridone gold.
      Transparent Red Oxide
      Cerulean blue

      Hope that helps! 😉

  11. Hello,can’t thank you enough for having such a wonderful teaching video. I learn from watching and your video has been one of the best I have seen and I’m a beginner trying to treavh myself at home. Will enjoy this many times,you’re brush work is magical and this is what I need for me to learn. I’m in hopes there will be more and I cannot waiyt to see if you will offer an online class in hopes you will have price range I will need to save because of my monthly budget but will be worth while. Thankm you so love your painting style and look forward to watching more.
    Hope your day is well,

    • Hi Linda,

      Thank you so much for your such kind words about my video. Whoooooo!!!! ☺️
      I think I learn a lot through watching too so I am happy if I can help you to learn a bit that way too. 😀

      I will try to offer an affordable online class (for sure less that 60€ but maybe much less if I can) but I need to consider how much work I need to do for it before pricing it for real.
      I really hope it will be affordable for you and that you will consider it worths it if you decide to buy it.

      I think that watercolor can offer a lot of really enjoyable moments for not so much money! That’s great!!
      (Maybe an article about “painting watercolor on a budget” could be really interesting. I don’t know all the products existing but… 😉 )

  12. Oh, AnneLaure you are one of a kind! Excellent video, which gives me the currages to paint churches. As Mary asked for in the comment above, it would be a great help if you could write down the names of the colors you are using. I mainly use W&N, so it will be easier if I can look the colors up in Google to find a similar color to yours. You makes everything looks so simple, all though I know how difficult it really is. Loose your french-english . Looking forward to see more videos by your hand. Great full you are taking the time. I completely forget to to in my garden to day, just spend my time watching your blog and videos on YouTube. Have a nice weekend. Love from Pernille in DK.
    Ps. I would be very interesting in a online class, but I can only watch your videos on YouTube. On your blog the video constantly crashes. It takes a very long time to look through the whole video. O. YouTube their are no problems 🙂

    • Hey, Pernille! 😀

      Thank you so much for always being there, encouraging me, giving your opinion. That’s really appreciated. ☺️
      I answered to Mary with the name of all the products so you can find the information above in the comments. 😛

      Gardening is great but watching watercolor videos is a nice occupation too!!!! 😀 😉

      Do you mean that when you try to match this video with the church on the website, it doesn’t work? It is really weird… But it’s not a problem, it’s easy to click on the video to display it on youtube. ☺️
      I will probably offer the online class through the Udemy platform so I guess there won’t be any problem with the videos.

  13. Great video Anne-Laure ! I loved that it was real time, so we could see the whole process and also your corrections on the way.
    I’m also amazed how you draw directly on the paper with your brush, without any pencil or ink first.
    Thank-you so much, I will keep following you

    • Thank you Serena for your feedbacks and comments about the video. ☺️

      In the online class, I will try to explain how I sketch straight with the brush and to make you doing the same. 😉 This approach really has a painting feeling!! 😀

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