Full watercolor demo : Amanitas, during a creative walk in the woods [video]

So, here am I with one of the promised video. 😊😉

I really hope you will like this creative walk in the woods with me and the juicy red watercolor flowing on the page!! 😍


It’s so enjoyable to paint on the spot like that, even if it’s not really “Urban sketching” ! 😜
(Do you think I have to create a “Wood Sketchers” community?!!! 😂😅😉)


I would be interested to know if you only liked the demo part of the video or if you liked the whole thing with the behind the scene atmosphere and so on. 😊

Please, tell me! 😉


11 thoughts on “Full watercolor demo : Amanitas, during a creative walk in the woods [video]

  1. Thank you for this demo and walk in the woods. I enjoy seeing your process and always see a lot of techniques I want to try.
    Your onscreen text are helpful to tell what kind of brush you are using…I would have like to see text for the pigment names that you used…I understood some, but not all.
    Thank you, again, for the care and quality of work you put into your postings. I always look forward to seeing your blog pop up in my mailbox.

    Joyeux Noel!

  2. Love your videos! You are multi talented (painting and guitar).

    Merci pour avoir partage vos talents,

  3. Loved the video and step by step demo also. Enjoyed watching the negative painting, it was very helpful. Thank you and please keep them coming

  4. Thank-you Anne-Laure for another amazing video !
    I loved it all but especially the demo part, it would be nice also to see where you keep your water and how wet is your brush …
    I had never seen a real amanita this close, I thought they existed only in fairyland but be careful because they are very poisonous ,maybe that’s why they are so beautiful ?

  5. Thank you for sharing this video with us – Those autumn colours are absolutely spectacular. Where I live in Brisbane Australia autumn does not exist and I thought forests like the one you walked through only existed in animation. How unbelievably lucky you are to live in such a beautiful place where you have 4 seasons. Anne-Laure I felt you captured the colours of your painting perfectly. Merci beaucoup…j’ai envie d’habiter lá!

  6. Beautiful walk through the woods! I loved both the demo and the atmosphere surrounding you. I’ve often wished there was a “rural sketchers” out there somewhere, so maybe you could start it. Since I live in the mountains of Northern Idaho, I see wildlife and nature on a daily basis. I’d love to see more ‘nature paintings’. The colors in your mushroom painting are marvelous, and thank you for sharing.

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