I now have a YouTube channel !! Watercolor quick sketch of primroses time lapse video.

The videos uploaded directly on the website didn’t work well, especially on tablets, and I couldn’t offer videos longer than 1 minute so a YouTube channel will be, for sure, the best way to share with you my small fun videos. 😉


Plus, I envision to share some of Marc Taro Holmes demos so… Stay tuned! 😀

To go you my YouTube page, you can click on the pic, above.
I added the YouTube link to the site menu, too, at the top right of the website.

To celebrate this, here is a short time lapse video that I had just showed in pieces on Instagram. This is a quick watercolor sketch of lovely primroses, from my garden. ☺️
Don’t forget to choose the HD quality to watch it! 😉


I replaced the videos, in the previous articles, with the YouTube ones.
You can also try to watch them again in this article. I hope it will work like a charm, now! 😉




Nice week end to you!

4 thoughts on “I now have a YouTube channel !! Watercolor quick sketch of primroses time lapse video.

  1. Thanks Anne Laure. I’m so thrilled that you now so kindly shows your talent in videos.. You are amazing. Though it’s not everyday I comment on your work, I’ll always finds to have a look. My self are not payinting for the time being caused to a bad painful shoulder. Hopefully it will get better during the summer. The more I enjoy watching your sketches. Happy sketching Anders weekend. Love Pernille

    • Hi Pernille,

      Thank you for always faithfully commenting! 🙂

      I am really sorry that you have such a pain in your shoulder and that it’s difficult for you to paint…
      I hope you will get better soon. Perhaps you will find a new way creative to paint while your shoulder is painful (using the other hand to get an even looser approach?!! 😀 ).

      I will try to make new videos soon. 🙂

  2. Hi Anne-Laure, Thank you so much for sharing that! It is really interesting and amazing how you paint so well. I love to draw and sketch and my favourite work is always in water colour but im just not that good so it amazes me to see how you do it and it shows your amazing talent! Im currently working on a post and I want other peoples opinion, thoughts and experiences. Would it be okay to ask you a few questions? Their is five questions all together and they shouldn’t take long. If you wouldn’t mind getting involved please reply back or send me a email to danielladay1@outlook.com. Thank you :).

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