Indian woman holding a jar demo

Hi guys!

I realized that there was a last demo from my Indian prep sketches I didn’t shared with you yet! 😉
That’s a short video where I sketch a woman wearing a yellow sari and holding a jar on her head. What a lovely scene to paint! 😊

I sketched this after a photo and I am really looking forward to painting this kind of subject, on location, in India, next February! 😀
I am so impatient!!!

I am sure that, on location, for some people sketching, I will have to paint even faster than 7 mn for a sketch! 😉



That’s good timing as, in my opinion, I fiddle waaaay too much on some of the sketch parts (the folds of the dress added wet in wet, the background…)(so much that I feel a bit ashamed… It’s so interesting AND embarrassing to see yourself paint in a video!! 😬).

Fortunately, the situation, on location, in India, will force me to follow a more straightforward approach. ☺️


Here is the final sketch.
It seems that I added a few details at the end when the first layer was dry that I didn’t record in the video.
Sorry for that.

Yeah, I like to use such bright colors!!! 😝🎉



The video is real time speed.
I just cut a few “blank shots” of the moments when I was mixing some colors on the palette. 😉

Think about setting the HD quality! 😉


I used my pure squirrel mop (the brand is Dalbe), here, and a reservoir brush (the strange thinner one).



Cropping these close-ups, below, I realized how much it’s important to pay attention to the abstract quality of our work.

Often, we are so worried about depicting the subject that we forget that painting is about applying lively strokes, making great color associations, creating painterly effects that make our pieces sometimes even more interesting than reality. 😊

Don’t you think?! 😉



By the way, this is the last call for India!! 😀

There are only 1 to 2 places left for the trip and watercolor workshop in Delhi, Varanasi and Agra so, if you think you would like to be part of the adventure, it’s now or never! 😊 😉
Here is the link with the whole info. If you think you want to come, you can just write a comment and I will send you an email. ☺️



Have a good day!

6 thoughts on “Indian woman holding a jar demo

  1. loved it! Now to get those beautiful women in their beautiful saris to stay still so I have half a chance to capture them with my paint and bush. :)) I can hardly wait to be travelling in India paint brush in hand with you.

    • Thank you Nancy!! Maybe, we could set a moment when a woman pose for us for a short time?
      It would be an awesome idea for the trip!!

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