Indian woman watercolor demo. And only 3 places left for the workshop in India! :)

As an inspiration for the week end, here is a video where I am painting a loose watercolor sketch of an Indian woman wearing a red sari. That’s a 5 minutes painting so that is definitely the kind of quick sketch I would like to do a lot in India, in my travel diary, taking advantage of the beautiful and colorful outfits of the Indian people! 😀

By the way, our little group for India (I chose to limit it to around 10 people) is growing gradually. 😊 Thank you so much for the artists that have decided to take part in this adventure with me!! 😀😘

There are only 3 places left for the watercolor trip there, by now, so, if you think you are interested, think about sending me an email or sending one to Nancy, from Going Places Together.

All the information about the watercolor workshop I am going to lead in India from the 19 Feb 2017 to the 6 March 2017 is here on the website and there on the Going Places together website! ☺️



So, here is the quick video!
I used the same music than for the Taj Mahal one to set the mood. 😉

I wish you a great creative week end!

6 thoughts on “Indian woman watercolor demo. And only 3 places left for the workshop in India! :)

    • Hi Mary! Thank you!

      To paint this, I used essentially a pure squirrel mop. The thinner weird other one is called a reservoir brush. It has a point made of sable hair and a “belly” made of squirrel hair, which is the “reservoir”. The sable hair gives you a great point and the squirrel part a great capacity to hold water. I bought it here, at Jackson’s. ☺️

      I painted on a Daler Rowney cheap sketchbook (but I don’t recommend it anymore as they just changed the paper for a lower quality, thinner, so I fear it will buckle more now…).

  1. I really enjoy this little video. You make it seem so easy! What an inspiration you are. Thanks a lot!

    • Thank you so much Pernille!

      I don’t know if that seems easy… In my opinion, the sketch seems to be a mess during all the demo and, suddenly, at the end, it turns into something just nice and loose.

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