Last video from the USK Symposium, with Nina Johansson.

Here we are! This is the 5th and last video I upload about the Urban Sketcher Symposium which took place in Manchester last July.
All good things come to an end! 🙂

Today, Nina Johansson is our common thread and we follow the progress of her sketch of the “The Salutation” pub, throughout the video.




In the meantime, I leaf through my sketchbook and I take you to some amazing / lovely / crazy places in Manchester, especially the most incredible tea room of Manchester, “The Richmond tea room”!

We spend some time, too, with my new adorable sketching friends, Deborah and Clara…
Fun crazy “selfie videos” to expect!!! 😉




Thank you so much to all the sketchers that let me film them. For me too, these videos are full of such wonderful memories!… 😍

Once again, I hope you will like this shared feeling of what was the USK Symposium.
I hope I will be able to attend next year, in Chicago, hopefully to meet some of you, 😊😉 and to create some unforgettable videos full of sketching adventures again!! 😄



Breaking news! I am going to meet Clara and Deborah again, in Paris, in early November, so maybe we will be able to share a bit of this friendly sketching time with you too. 😃 😝 😜

9 thoughts on “Last video from the USK Symposium, with Nina Johansson.

  1. Anne-Laure, I’ve just finished watching your video, and have enjoyed it so much.
    A little hard to follow when the camera moved too quickly but it was still an amazing sight to see buildings, sketches and all that you’ve put into this… thank you for bringing me to amazing places that I’ll never see in person..

  2. Thank you so very much for your wonderful videos, for sharing your experiences. For Th ose of us not in Manchester is was very special. I really like your approach to a sketchbook, lots of variety in so many ways, paper, paper size, different media, ephemera. etc., etc. it is an inspiration to loosen up and learn, and what a great record to have. Thank you again, Margaret

  3. Thank you for sharing!
    I have one question: I noticed you use various colors for your date-stamp. Do you use special ink?

  4. iiThank you so much for your videos which give a nice idea how it was in Manchester. I’m following Liz Steel’s
    ‘Sketching Buildings now’ and hope to improve sketching these elements. Is it correct I saw you subscribed too?

  5. Thank you so much for your videos– I learned so much! Hope to see you in Chicago next year!

  6. Loved your last video and especially liked your last two sketches of Castlefield. Your water looked fantastic as did your bridge and color combinations. Thanks for sharing your beautiful adventure in Manchester with others. Hope to see more as you continue your journey sketching other places.

  7. Hi Anne-Laure. These videos have been so much fun to watch. My workshop with Paul was just a wet mess and in trying to keep all my stuff and myself from all the downpours I was too distracted to fully hear and absorb all that Paul said so watching that video from your workshop helped me a great deal to fill in the missing pieces. Thank you, thank you! And since it’s not possible to sign up for all the workshops I was thrilled to watch Veronica. So good. I was lucky enough to go to SketchItOn Paris where I had a workshop with Marion Rivolier-she is amazing! I loved watching Nina, too.

    Your book from the symposium is absolutely fabulous. Your art work is so beautiful and what a spectacular keepsake you now have. You are amazing, too. I hope you will be in Chicago next year. I’d love to see you again.

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