Talks about lines, pencil shading, “ink on wet” sketches and other interesting things :)

Even if this blog is mainly about watercolor sketching, it happens that we need / we want to use other tools, along with watercolor in a mixed media approach, or on their own. ☺️

The “Drawing” category will allow me to discuss these other techniques with you.

It will be very interesting to talk about lines…
Their thickness variations, their continuity or non-continuity, their speed, their expressiveness. 🙂

Moreover, I started some really fun experiments, using fountain pen filled with waterproof ink on a wet paper, midway between line sketching and watercolor. We could talk about that too! 😉

At last, even if I don’t use colored pencils very often, I sometimes like their predictability.
They allow us to darken a bit here and there, to add a bit of color and… you know exactly  how the result will be. You can grow your sketch as you go, as you want. I obviously love watercolor because it is used to surprised us but, sometimes, using pencils is a relief. 😌
Once again, water can be added to the mix to a more fun and more close to watercolor approach. Using watercolor pencils, wetting the sketch with water afterward – (or sketching on a wet wash with a watercolor pencil) are options to explore too.

It would be a shame to exclude all these sketching techniques from this creating place, isn’t it?! 😝😉

3 thoughts on “Talks about lines, pencil shading, “ink on wet” sketches and other interesting things :)

  1. Hi Anne Laure , I love your new Blog and I follow you on Instagram ( Hannahslens) . I want to wish you the best of luck with
    Your Blog and I’m sure you will enjoy it, I love looking and learn g from you.

    I live in Ireland – Dublin , so we are both Celtic.

    Your Watercolours are always so inspiring. Do you use Hot Press or Cold Press Paper? And Do you have a favourite.

    Warm wishes and bisous to you.


    • Thank you for your kind comment, your success wishes, Hannah! It made me really happy to read you!
      Yeah, Celtic friends!

      About cold press and hot press….
      Hum That’s difficult to answer, as I don’t know which paper I prefer anymore… for now…

      When using watercolor paper, I sketch on Arches 300 gsm cold press. ☺️
      But, these past weeks, I have sketched more and more on these Daler Rowney sketchbooks that are not made with watercolor paper… They allow me to create more watery effects. The colors seem sometimes brighter (and I don’t have to bind the sketchbooks myself!! ). The paper is rather smooth so I suppose we could say it’s “hot press”…

      I will keep going with my experiments and sketching practice and I will talk about my paper issues and preferences from time to time? ☺️

      And you, which paper do you use and prefer?

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