Manchester Urban Sketchers Symposium Videos [Episode 2]

Hi! I hope you liked the first video!
Thank you so much for your kind comments about it. ☺️ 😉

Here is the second episode with LK Bing as an absolute guest star. Maybe you don’t know him, nor his work (I admit that I didn’t a few months ago) but I am sure you will be interested to discover his technique and amazed to watch him sketch and paint, and make the colors drip on the paper. 😃



So, this video is essentially about his workshop but there is a lot of leaf through my huge sketchbook, too. I talk about my sketches, done with a variety of tools and techniques : watercolor, watersoluble marker, ink, pencils, acrylic markers… I hope it will inspire you! 😙


I will try to work on the next video rather quickly (stay tuned, it will be about Paul Wang workshop!!😉) and, if I can, I will probably share the next two videos together in a same article, here. Please follow my YouTube channel to know as soon as the new video is released. ☺️

If you like LK Bing style, you could watch this other demo too as an inspiration!
You can also follow him on Facebook. 😊

8 thoughts on “Manchester Urban Sketchers Symposium Videos [Episode 2]

  1. Thankyou so much for this Anne Laure……I do wish Inhad been on LK Bing’s workshop…but this has been an excellent substitute. I love your night sketch..and seeing all your sketches.

  2. Wonderful, love the variety of paper, sizes of paper, different mediums, everything about your sketchbook, what a splendid record and memory! Thank you for sharing, what a treat!

  3. Yes thank you..even as a novice I can appreciate everything..I love your tea w/ the negative painting and his beautiful drips:)

  4. Your Manchester journal was lovely. The colored paper was an interesting inclusion and different approach to the art journal. The addition of the cards and the ‘in the moment’ additions. Food for thought! I admire your willingness to accept the challenge to step out of your comfort zone and try a new approach. Great courage! Thanks for all the work that goes into your posts.

  5. I’ve just clicked onto this and am looking forward to this next video.. I thoroughly enjoyed your first one, and I’d seen you a few times before , most recently being on a video with Teoh (Parka) . I’m a watercolor artist living in Florida, and so want to be a part of this urban sketch group. But none that close to me.. So I do it through the videos of Teoh, Marc Taro Holmes, and now you..
    Thank you, thank you..

  6. Thank you for your lovely videos of the Manchester Urban Painters gathering. I really appreciate the way in which you show and critique your own work. Along with the lessons given by your instructors I find your work helpful in the pursuit of new ways of looking working, both in sketching and painting.

  7. Wow! Thanks for sharing your art sketches from your journal and loved the critiques. I think it is so cool the way you stamp the dates on your pages and I especially liked the color tapes you used so you could flip cards back and forth. The acrylic markers used on the various colored papers were so vibrant! I also enjoyed watching LK Bing sketching. I love the way you drip your watercolors by using additional water. All of your sketches were beautifully done, and the colors used were amazing. You definitely inspire me!

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