Manchester USK Symposium Videos [Episode 3] : Paul Wang workshop.

Here is the next video about the Urban Sketcher Symposium!  😆

This time, it’s especially about Paul Wang workshop, with Paul explanations and demos, and my work during the workshop. ☺️
We keep browsing my sketchbook and we also have a glimpse into Paul Heaston impressive technique and enjoy a few seconds of Marc Taro Holmes drawing with his special “loop lines”, with pencil.




Just a little break, for now. 😉
The two last videos will be released in early September! 😊

3 thoughts on “Manchester USK Symposium Videos [Episode 3] : Paul Wang workshop.

  1. Thank you. I love the draw-then-paint, then -draw- then-paint- approach that Paul uses. It builds the composition naturally without committing to the whole thing at the beginning.

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