Our family exhibition in Northern France

I was telling you that I took my sketchbook out for an upcoming exhibition… 😉
Now, you are going to know everything! 😝

This exhibition is very special, because it’s a family exhibition!! 😀 I am going to exhibit my work along with the pieces of my parents and my two sisters. Isn’t it just fun and awesome?! 😝
As our last name is “Jacquart”, the exhibition name “Jacqu’Art Family” was easy to find !! 😅✌️😁

Here is the poster for the exhibition. ☺️


I know most of you unfortunately live too far from us to come and see us, but I was thinking that you could be happy to “meet” virtually my creative family through this article.
Plus, maybe some of you live in France, Belgium or even England and could come visit our exhibition?! 😀 What if you could spend a nice week end with your partner or family, in my beautiful region of origin and visit Douai, Arras, Lille, their amazing French architecture and lovely streets?! 😙

The opening is the 3rd of June at 6:30 PM, in Douai, FRANCE.


Soooo, would you like to meet my family and discover which are the own unique artistic talent of each one?! 😀

Let’s begin by my little sister, Sylvaine.
She is a very talented photographer!

Sylvaine is going to exhibit some photos of her portfolio “Indian women” (Hiiiiiii indiaaaaa!!!! 😝) and a series of diptychs.




Isn’t it stunning?! 😏


My big sister, Pascaline, will show some of her dreamy watercolors… ☺️



My father is going to exhibit some semi-abstract photos with interesting textures and colors.
They were taken in a beer factory! 😁




And, at last, my mother loves to play with paper, wire, upcycled things… 😃

She will share some poetic collages made with torn magazines pages like this one.


She will also exhibit her amazing wire sculptures like these wire, tissue paper and drift wood poppies. 😍



Isn’t it an amazing chance I was born in such a creative and talented family?! 😚❤️

As far as I am concerned, I am going to exhibit some photographs series or diptychs (I am a photographer), like this set of four photography I call “é-motifs”, in French, which means both “patterns” and “emotional”. 😊



Some of my sketchbooks (see previous article) will take place in some display cases. There will be some of my watercolor paintings on the wall, too, like this one I painted a few days ago after one of my sketches.


I tried to keep the freshness of the sketch. I didn’t want it, at all, to make it look like a more finished painting. 😜

I am working, too, on some floral ink paintings done on rice paper that will be displayed in front of the bay windows of the exhibition room. Here is a behind the scene test shot with one of the paintings taped on the window, in front of my garden. ☺️



Of course, there will be a lot more and I will share with you some pics of the exhibition! 😀

Here is the invitation for the exhibition opening. Please meet us, if you can, the 3rd of June at 6:30 PM at the “MJC de Douai”.
The address is 215, rue d’Arleux. Douai. FRANCE. 😊



Did you like these creations of all kinds?
Is your family creative, too? ☺️

5 thoughts on “Our family exhibition in Northern France

  1. You are indeed lucky to be in such an artistic family! My family did not create in art, so I only came to appreciate and begin to practice my own art in my late 50’s. I believe Art inspires art, so I now see a bit of how you are so talented.

    • Hi Robin,
      Thank you for your kind comment!

      You have to be very proud for becoming an artist on your own like that. Your bird is so gorgeous!!
      You draw so so well!! Thank you for sharing. ☺️

      (And that’s great that this button for adding pictures in the comments seems to work vey well! )

  2. Congratulations to you and your family!!! What an honor to have your family’s art displayed together. I was in France in 1977, and would give anything to visit again and go to your family exposition! I am now 66, retired, and finally have time to work on my art. My mom was an excellent artist – self taught, and we have lots of artist’s in our family. I’ve often wondered if there is a genetic “art gene”? Your family obviously has one.

    I am enrolled in many craftsy.com art classes. Currently I am learning “urban sketching” and have posted one here. There is so much to learn, and people like you and your family (by sharing) give others that needed push to be creative. Thank you, and best of luck to you and your family at the exposition.

    • Hi Karla,
      Thank you so much for sharing! ☺️

      I am not sure about the genes but the artistic “culture”, habits and sensitivy are shared and learnt in such a creative family.

      I hope you will be able to come in France again, one day!

      Good work with your urban sketch!
      A scene like that with things overlapping the buildings isn’t easy at all. ☺️

      Have a good day!

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