Sketchcrawl day in Lorient

Last Saturday, I went to Lorient, another city in Brittany, to attend the 53rd Worldwide Sketchcrawl! 😃

We were very lucky with the weather, as we were able to enjoy a beautiful sunny day on this 22nd October! ☺️☀️
It was really nice to meet all the other sketchers. There are quite a few that I already know, now, as we met in several Breton cities for some Sketchcrawls or sketching meetings. This is really friendly! 😊


For a good start, in the morning, we found a sunny spot in a lovely square, with some nice houses from the thirties.
I especially liked the shadow casted on the wall but, at last, I really liked sketching the whole scene (btw : the house really was blue).
I am especially happy with the way I managed to add the windows wet in wet. 😌😝😊 And with the granulations. 😉

I was inspired, too, by painting this sketcher in a strong back light, as Hazel Soan does in this video. 😉
I like the urban sketching feeling this addition gives to the page.




There was a bit of time left so I moved a few feet away to sketch some other fellow sketchers under a blazing fall tree (BTW, for the previous sketched, shown above, I was sitting there, too). This time, I painted the sketchers as blended silhouettes.

I didn’t resist a few leaves sketches as this tree had such beautiful ones with bright gorgeous colors and amazing patterns!

To be sure not to be lost in the city, the sketchcrawl organizer gave us a map. What a bright idea!
I love pasting pieces of maps on my sketchbook pages!! 😃




After lunch, we met in a sort of big square-garden. As it was a bit long for the whole group to meet and to decide where to sketch, I started to paint right away and made the panoramic sketch at the bottom of the page.
My favorite part is the two color-melted trees added wet on wet on the sky to the left of the sketch. 😊

Then, I searched for a new spot allowing me to make another panoramic sketch, at the top of the page. Lorient harbor was perfect for that!
I was happy to be able to work again on my loose approach for boats, just suggesting their presence with negative painting and a few strokes.




As everybody was sketching this modern building in the harbor, below, I went for it too.
When I attend a sketchcrawl or sketching meeting, my first goal (beside finding a sunny spot 😅) is to stay with the others to share while sketching so I sometimes end up choosing subjects I wouldn’t have painted otherwise. 😉

At last, I thought that it was fun to try to depict the graphic facade of the building using my 1 inch flat brush!

As you can see, I keep working on my trees too. 😁
I just don’t like the overlap of the two trees, here…




I started to be a bit cold as, despite the sun, the temperature was not really friendly! But I wanted to make a few last sketches.
Isn’t this windmill lovely?! 😊

The other sketch looks like a lighthouse and I think it was, but it may not be a lighthouse anymore, as the locals call it “the Tower of Discovery” (“La Tour de la Découverte”). I admit I shrank it a lot to make it fit in the page (I wanted the trees at the bottom)!!
I envisioned to apply a sort of distorted curvilinear perspective but I guess I was too tired for that. The top of the tower ended up too big so no wide angle effect! 😉

I pasted, here, another piece of the map, and the visiting card of the cafe where we went at the end of the day to warm us up, to enjoy a hot chocolate and to share each others sketches. 😊



I hope you liked this creative day sharing!

It was a really nice day.
Plus, I am happy I managed to make 5 large spreads (about a A4 for European formats), and 9 sketches for the day! 😃


Breaking news!!

Lorient is going to host the French National Urban Sketchers meeting in 2017. 2nd June to 5th June 2017.
I think that, if you are a European sketcher and you don’t think you will be able to attend the Symposium in Chicago, US, going to Lorient could be a great back-up plan! 😝

I will be there, of course, so this would be a great opportunity to meet! 😉

9 thoughts on “Sketchcrawl day in Lorient

  1. Sorry to hear you are not coming to Chicago in 2017…but you certainly don’t have to travel very far to find lots of amazing vistas. Thanks for sharing.

    • I didn’t say that I won’t go in Chicago, Nancy. ☺️ I have hope that I will be able to attend.
      It would be amazing to attend the French meeting in Lorient AND the Symposium in Chicago!!

      I just said that the French meeting could be a nice opportunity for those who can’t go to Chicago. But I think it can be even for those who will go.
      You are right, though, nice things to sketch and nice sketchers are everywhere! Lucky us!!

  2. There are lots of Chicago urban sketchers who are big fans of your work so we hope you can attend! Loved the colors and expressiveness of all of your sketches from this crawl!

    • Wow, that’s a bit weird and really exciting for me to know that some sketchers in Chicago are big fans or my work!! ☺️
      I really hope I will be able to attend the Symposium too! I will do all I can do for it.
      I even envision to submit a workshop proposal for the Symposium.

      Thank you so much for your compliments Toni!

  3. Dommage je ne vous ai pas vue j’aurais bien aimé échanger avec vous pendant le sketchcrawl de Lorient ! Peut-être en juin 2017 ?
    En tout cas un très grand bravo pour vos aquarelles lumineuses de cette journée !

    • Ah oui, dommage ! C’est vrai qu’il n’est pas toujours évident de gérer le côté rencontres en plus du côté croquis, de voir tout le monde etc.
      Je serai ravie de vous rencontrer, une prochaine fois.

      Merci pour vos compliments sur mes aquarelles !

  4. Hi Anne-Laure. I am going to be in Italy at the end of May, 2017 for Palladian Odyssey with Liz Steele. Perhaps I will also go to Lorient afterwards! Where can I find out more information about this?

    • Eh Cathy, what an amazing idea!!
      And, that way, we would meet again! 😉

      There is not so much information about it for now. They just announced where the sketchcrawl would be and said that there would be more info in January.

      I know some of the people who organize the French meeting in Lorient, though, so I can ask if you need more info.
      Which info do you think you would need? ☺️

      • Hi Anne-Laure. Now I’m looking at your Brittany watercolor workshop! I guess I have to make some decisions…

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