Sketching in Paris! Watercolor of Notre Dame, step by step. [video]

Hi everyone!! I am back! 😀

Back from the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Manchester (Hiiiiiiii!!!! 😝) and back from some holidays (but to be continued 😉 )…
So many things to tell, so many sketches to share and videos to show!!!! 😃

As a start, here is a short fun video shot during the few hours I spent in Paris before heading to Manchester.

I didn’t bring my “demo gear” so this is not a real demo but a step by step, where I show you my painting at several stages to let you understand the process. I hope you will like it!



I really tried to bring to you a bit of the amazing Parisian atmosphere too. 😉
Have you ever been in Paris? 😊 The atmosphere is really special and, during summer, it’s even more pleasant!


By the way, did you see me in the video Teoh Yi Chie shot about the first Symposium day?! 😳 😁 😅 ✌️



I wanted to say “hi” to him, as I follow his videos…
Then, he saw my creative bag and the other one, full of pens and pencils and wanted to shot it so… Here it is. 😉

I am at 9:45 in the video.

Thank you, Teoh, for the feature! 😊

I have to admit, later on during the Symposium, my bag was more famous than me and brought me more enthusiastic “Ooooh, let me see, that’s amazing!” than my sketches loooooool!!!! 😂 😜


I am going to try to be back soon with my own – amazing 😉 – videos from the Symposium : demos from instructors and sketchers, glimpses of my workshops, leafthrough of my Manchester sketchbook and so on.
Stay tuned!!!! 😃

17 thoughts on “Sketching in Paris! Watercolor of Notre Dame, step by step. [video]

  1. Ah yes I saw you on Parka’s video… didn’t realize it was the you I’ve been following LOL I liked your pencil bag, but I was worried about the heavy load you were carrying … I’m hoping I can attend next year in Chicago.

    • Elaine, loool!! Yes, that was me!!!

      My gear was a bit heavy and I am sure I didn’t use all of these pens and pencils but I wanted to be sure I would have plenty of things to sketch, whatever the mood, the weather, the inspiration, the subject or the workshop followed.

      I hope I will be able to go in Chicago too!

  2. It was fun to see you in Parka’s video and to see your pencil bag. It looks like you went straight in with paint when you painted the Notre Dame. No preliminary sketch? I really like it. Looking forward to seeing more from your trip.

    • Hi Carmel,

      Yes, my usual technique is to sketch straight with the brush with watercolor, without any preliminary sketches.
      So, yes, you can wonder why I had so many pens and pencils with me!!!!!

      Thank you for your kind comment. I hope you will like my sketchbook from Manchester.

  3. The videos were amazing. Are you going to go to next year’s event in Chicago….I hope so, I plan to attend. I am so anxious to find out the dates so I can start planning, is it always in July……it looks so amazing! Are there classes to take or does everyone meet at the sketching locations and sketch, are there multiple location to meet or just one… you can tell I am so excited!!!! Your sketch was so beautiful especially since you painted in the dark. Gorgeous as always. Looking forward to Chicago! Cindy Olson

    • Hi Cindy,

      Thank you so much!

      I hope I will be able to attend the Chicago Symposium too but it’s not sure yet… It’s so far form France!!…
      Don’t tell anyone 😉 I envision to submit a workshop proposal (a course) for next year so… it will be “finger crossed”! ☺️

      I would be really happy to meet you!!
      Yes, there are some meeting location for sketchcrawls. As, we are really numerous (almost 500 this year), we are not really all the sketchers in the same place but everywhere is several streets. 😉
      There are also classes to take, if you want to (what I called “workshop”, above). The price is a bit higher if you take the class, to pay the instructors.

      Yu can find informations about this year symposium on, using the “Usk Symposium” tab, just above the banner, in the center. This will give you an idea, for Chicago. 😉

      I can see that you are already really excited, indeed, that’s fun!! I am, too.

  4. So fun to see..I have been to Paris..this June..

    I cannot believe how many sketchers go!
    All so very talented..lovely video and painting..glad you had so much fun.

  5. Wonderful blog and video! So inspiring! How can I find out about the Chicago event 2017? I’d love to be there!

    • Thank you Terry!

      There is no other information about next year Symposium other than the location, for now.
      I think there will be some information soon, about the dates, especially, so you have to follow the blog to get the information when they arrive.

  6. Thanks for sharing the link to the Symposium in Manchester too! Fun to see all those busy sketchers.
    Lovely night time scene of Paris here…glad to see your page.

    • Hi Evalyn,

      Thank you for your kind comment! ☺️
      I am glad you liked the tow videos. 😉

  7. Hi Anne-Laure! Your nighttime Notre Dame sketch is so beautiful! I watched Teoh’s videos and saw you and your bag, but it was so much better to meet you in person! Did you see me (from the back) in his video of the raffle? He got me collecting my prize.

    • Hi Cathy,

      I have to admit, I just started to watch the videos from the Symposium, as I didn’t have time before.
      I just watched the 2 first ones for now but I will recognize you, I am sure, in the other video! It was really great to meet you!! ☺️

      I bought a sketch too in the raffle.

  8. Loved your video of Paris and especially liked seeing the musician playing his horn along with your night sketching. Your sky is amazing, and I love the way you did it first (negative painting) to make the shape of Notre Dame. Your bag of art supplies looks fantastic with everything readily available to use. I did see you in Teoh’s video and enjoyed watching his. Thanks so much for sharing your travels and art with the world – especially for older people like myself that don’t travel much. It looks like you had a wonderful time sharing art with like minded artists, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your Manchester videos along with your paintings. Happy painting!

    • Thank you so much Karla!!!! 😀
      I really loved to read your comment.

      Hopefully, my series of videos shot in Manchester will be a great virtual travelling for you as well. ☺️
      Tell me if you like them!;)

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