Some NEWS! YouTube & Patreon + Secret upcoming Painting Challenge

Hi everyone!!

As most of you may already know, my BLOG became a VLOG and I am mostly on YouTube at the moment. 😃
I like the visual aspect of videos and, thanks to them, I can talk to you for real!! 😛 😁
(and you can hear my “charming accent” as well!!! 😅 😂 😜 )

I offer 2 videos a week on average : Sketchbook Tutorials, Watercolor Demos, Casual VLOG and Journaling sharing and more. 😊

Here is a LINK to my Creative Watercolor Channel, with a pop up for subscription so that you can join easily if you want to. 😌

💜 💛


I’m on Patreon!!! 🎉 😃

Plus, the big News right now is that I am now on Patreon as well! 😃

Feel free to watch the video below to know everything about why I created a Patreon page and what it is if you don’t know about it.
I also talk about topics like building a community, making money as an artist, Social Media, my personal art journey…

Wouldn’t it be crazy that I would write down your name in my Sketchbook?!

I would be delighted if you decide to follow and support me there, especially as I can’t really find time for real blog posts anymore… 😳 ☺️ (uploading on Patreon is way easier than in here 😉)


Real Time Watercolor Demo. How to paint Lilac flowers.

There is a real time demo of me painting this lilac watercolor available out here on Patreon : (for free 😊 ).


Handmade Sketchbook Full Series Tutorial

On the channel, I finally finished the series about making your own journal or sketchbook!!
For the cover part, I am making live the cover for my India Travel Journal Sketchbook. ❤️

Please click on this sentence or on the picture below to get the full tutorial series on YouTube. 😊


Secret upcoming Painting Challenge

Last but not least, there is a great painting challenge happening in June that is going to be announced just tomorrow May, 15th. 😝
So, I can’t tell anything right now but keep an eye on my channel, on social media, and on your favorite Urban Sketchers blogs to be aware about it!
It’s going to be awesome!! 😃

I hope you will be happy to receive these few news. 😊 😉

Happy creativity to you!!

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