I am packing for India!!!! (painting gear for my upcoming adventure)

Hey, time really flies!! It’s almost there! 😃

Next week, I will fly to India and will able to enjoy 17 awesome days in a different colorful culture… I am so looking forward to discovering it… and to painting it, of course! 🎨
Plus, I will have the amazing chance to lead a watercolor workshop there and I am so excited about it!! 😝


Leaving for India!! 🕌

Actually, I only made really few trips during these 15 past years and I even realized I have never been out of Europe yet!!
So, I am sure it’s going to be a life-changing adventure for me! Because of India and because of to the watercolor workshop too. 😊 Continue reading

What if your brushes had a thinner tip than you think?! ;)

Isn’t it a weird question?! 😅

But it’s a good question!…
…because I noticed something on all my round brushes.
(maybe that’s because there are not the most expensive brushes ever? even if they are made with natural hair?…)




Their tip is not perfectly round! 😱

Is the tip of your round brushes slightly flat too?
I think you might want to check. 😉 Continue reading