Back from the exhibition! Sketchbooks showcase and artworks pics.


I am back from the exhibition in Northern France and it was a blast! 😀
There were many people for the opening (probably at least a hundred, which means a lot for a little place in a little town!). And people seemed to love the exhibition very much and to really feel inspired by our work… So, we are so happy! 😃

As a reminder, this is an exhibition by the family of mine, the Jacqu’Art Family 😌✌️so there are some creations by my 2 sisters, my mother, my father and me. ☺️

Let me share a few pics! I did some pans of the exhibit. I hope they conveys in a nice way the joyful creative atmosphere of the exhibition, and the light and spacious feel of the place.

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Our family exhibition in Northern France

I was telling you that I took my sketchbook out for an upcoming exhibition… 😉
Now, you are going to know everything! 😝

This exhibition is very special, because it’s a family exhibition!! 😀 I am going to exhibit my work along with the pieces of my parents and my two sisters. Isn’t it just fun and awesome?! 😝
As our last name is “Jacquart”, the exhibition name “Jacqu’Art Family” was easy to find !! 😅✌️😁

Here is the poster for the exhibition. ☺️


I know most of you unfortunately live too far from us to come and see us, but I was thinking that you could be happy to “meet” virtually my creative family through this article.
Plus, maybe some of you live in France, Belgium or even England and could come visit our exhibition?! 😀 What if you could spend a nice week end with your partner or family, in my beautiful region of origin and visit Douai, Arras, Lille, their amazing French architecture and lovely streets?! 😙

The opening is the 3rd of June at 6:30 PM, in Douai, FRANCE.


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