Watercolor sketches from India!!!!!

I am in India for a while and I can’t believe what I see and what I live. All of it is really stunning! The dreamy atmosphere, the smile of people, the colors, the business… This is so impressive!!

I am really happy to share with you some of my loose work in this colorful and exciting country.
Temples and statues everywhere, bright colors, gorgeous atmospheres… India is a real gift for the painter!

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I am packing for India!!!! (painting gear for my upcoming adventure)

Hey, time really flies!! It’s almost there! 😃

Next week, I will fly to India and will able to enjoy 17 awesome days in a different colorful culture… I am so looking forward to discovering it… and to painting it, of course! 🎨
Plus, I will have the amazing chance to lead a watercolor workshop there and I am so excited about it!! 😝


Leaving for India!! 🕌

Actually, I only made really few trips during these 15 past years and I even realized I have never been out of Europe yet!!
So, I am sure it’s going to be a life-changing adventure for me! Because of India and because of to the watercolor workshop too. 😊 Continue reading

Indian woman holding a jar demo

Hi guys!

I realized that there was a last demo from my Indian prep sketches I didn’t shared with you yet! 😉
That’s a short video where I sketch a woman wearing a yellow sari and holding a jar on her head. What a lovely scene to paint! 😊

I sketched this after a photo and I am really looking forward to painting this kind of subject, on location, in India, next February! 😀
I am so impatient!!!

I am sure that, on location, for some people sketching, I will have to paint even faster than 7 mn for a sketch! 😉

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Indian woman watercolor demo. And only 3 places left for the workshop in India! :)

As an inspiration for the week end, here is a video where I am painting a loose watercolor sketch of an Indian woman wearing a red sari. That’s a 5 minutes painting so that is definitely the kind of quick sketch I would like to do a lot in India, in my travel diary, taking advantage of the beautiful and colorful outfits of the Indian people! 😀

By the way, our little group for India (I chose to limit it to around 10 people) is growing gradually. 😊 Thank you so much for the artists that have decided to take part in this adventure with me!! 😀😘

There are only 3 places left for the watercolor trip there, by now, so, if you think you are interested, think about sending me an email or sending one to Nancy, from Going Places Together.

All the information about the watercolor workshop I am going to lead in India from the 19 Feb 2017 to the 6 March 2017 is here on the website and there on the Going Places together website! ☺️

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Video : Taj Mahal quick sketch watercolor demo. :)

First of all, thank you so much for your comments on the previous articles. I really love that this blog can be a place for sharing, with interesting creative exchanges!
Thanks for being a part of it, reacting and sharing your point of view, your experience!


Today, I would like to share with you a video I made when doing some India sketches as a prep for my future watercolor workshop there. (Hiiiiii, so excited!!!! 😆)
That’s a 15 mn loose watercolor sketch of the Taj Mahal. 😊 The video is 5 mn long, though, as I speeded up some parts. 😉



I hope it will be interesting for you to watch! 😊
I admit that it’s interesting for me, too, because it’s a chance to take a step back and to consider how I work with another perspective. Continue reading

A watercolor workshop in India !!

FemmeIndiennePettWould you like to paint with me, for real?! 😀
Would you be tempted to discover India and creating a watercolor journal from your trip?

I am just amazed to announce that I can offer you both!!!
Isn’t it the best news, ever?!
So, yes, I am going to lead a two weeks watercolor workshop… in India ! 😝

On the programm :
▶︎ Learning how to paint with watercolor, without (or almost without) pencil guidelines ; improving your watercolor sketching skills ;
▶︎ Learning to make quicker and more spontaneous sketches to be able to record, on the spot, some subjects you loved within 10 to 30 mn ;
▶︎ Creating an amazing travel journal together ;
▶︎ Learning how to translate your fantastic discoveries into brushstrokes ;
▶︎ Spending the best time, ever, painting the colors of India!! 😀

The workshop is for beginners artists as well as seasoned sketchers or painters.
It will take place next February, in North India. Continue reading