Sketchbook leaf through. Feb 2016.

I, at last, managed to add the final touches to my February sketchbook. 😊

I call it “my orchid sketchbook”, as I sketched the plant three times in it, one for each bloom, as a recurrent element. That’s why I chose some pink and purple Japanese masking tape to embellish the cover. 😉

I hope you will like to leaf through my sketchbook, enjoying my sketches of the wolf museum, the Brittain coast, of my garden or some urban views, of various objects… and of my orchid, of course! 😝

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For your sketchbook to become a sort of illustrated journal

Strangely, I am not really interested in making watercolor paintings on some big sheets of paper to hang on the walls or to draw some random subjects from pics found on the web… 😳

It’s really important for me that the sketching technique is used for a purpose, to enhance a subject I love, a moment I want to remember and that my sketchbook become a “visual journal”.

I call them “sketchbooks” but my goal is more creating a sort of “travel journal” feel with the sketches I make at home and in my surroundings. 😉
I am thrilled about creating an illustrated journal from my life!
That’s not even really to create a “souvenir” as the best part, in my opinion, is creating it, not browsing it. I think it’s a way to live (yep!). 😀 Creating is my way to look at things, to appreciate them, and to be happy! (I even wrote a book about “day to day photography” and enhancing your sourroundings subjects so that’s not new for me. It’s probably a part of my personality. Perhaps of yours too? ☺️)

Whoo, what a chatty girl!… 😁

So, in this “Sketchbook” category, I would like to share with you my habits and tips to convert a simple sketchbook page to a journal one, in a travel diary style.

Text and ephemera adds, borders, stamps and even some special ways to associate your sketches can change easily the feeling of a simple notebook. It don’t need much! Sketches are, of course, the most important part, but a few things can help you to reach a new level. 😀

Along with the articles, I will show you some videos of my sketchbooks leafthrough. I hope it will inspire you!
Here is a video of the sketchbook I have just finished. 🙂 Continue reading