Travel journal. Catch the evocative details!

We reminded ourselves previously how much it is important to include wide views in our travels (and everyday) journals….

But, I am pretty sure that only such big wide views like that couldn’t make a the greatest travel journal on their own. That’s because memories like to hide in simple things, small details and apparently insignificant experiences!  

  I admit I especially like this spread, because of the sardine bones that were here on the page when I sketched this streetscape that I thought was rather successful. Together, they really tell the story of Alvor, a lovely Portuguese fishermans city. ☺️

Thus, it is essential to include these kind of evocative details drawings in your sketchbooks. And I am going to make a confidence… These are often my favorites sketches! Continue reading

Travel journal : the big picture. Wide views sketches!

I just came back from a 12 days watercolor workshop with Marc Taro Holmes and it was a blast!! 😀
Non stop sketching, impressive demos, adorable fellow sketchers, sketching talks, good food (I had never eaten so much fish in my life, before!! 😁), lovely and amazing places in Portugal… what an awesome adventure! 

Moreover, meeting Marc and benefitting from his advices were way more than the icing on the cake (or the fish?! 😂), of course! 😀 If you don’t already follow Marc’s blog, please visit it at

I am going to share my sketches and my travel journal pages through several articles. I will try to evoke my learnings and to give you some advices for your own travel (or day to day) sketches too.
This first article is about sketching wide views. 😊 

 Prainha, Alvor. Portugal. (Because sketching wide view doesn’t necessarily means producing detailing tedious sketches. 😉 Sometimes, loose is more!!! 😝) Continue reading