Sketchbook feast 😛😆

I took out my sketchbooks, a few days ago, to prepare an exhibition ☺️ (I will definitely talk  to you about this very special exhibition soon!! 😉).

Finally, I thought this vision was such a feast for the eyes that I should share it with you!!! 😀😍 

Feel free to click on the pic to see it at a bigger size! 😉

These are some sketchbooks I worked on during the past two and a half years. 

My favorite technique is watercolor only but you can see some ink and wash sketches too, a few done with pencils… That’s sometimes good to change and some subjects are not easy to handle straight with the brush. ☺️ 

Some sketchbooks are at a A5 format, but the more recent ones are at a A4 format. Some are handbound with Arches cold press watercolor paper and others, again the latests, are cheap Daler Rowney sketchbooks I bought. Continue reading