Urban Sketching with watercolors. Simplifying urban scenes.

Do you remember when we talked about the idea of tackling a wider scene to record the atmosphere, the “big picture” in our sketchbooks?
Soooo, I keep working on it, step by step. ☺️

And I noticed a sort of pattern within my last “urban” sketches, that I thought I could share with you. 😊



First of all, I am sure some of you won’t think these sketches really show urban scenes!! 😅😉

There are two reasons for that :
– I live in a French large village with 6500 inhabitants so it’s only a bit urban!! 😜
– Plus, I like plants and flowers and it’s spring so I tend to pick composite views with a lovely garden or a tree over boring rows of façades. ☺️

And I think this is a part of my strategy! 😙 Continue reading