I am packing for India!!!! (painting gear for my upcoming adventure)

Hey, time really flies!! It’s almost there! 😃

Next week, I will fly to India and will able to enjoy 17 awesome days in a different colorful culture… I am so looking forward to discovering it… and to painting it, of course! 🎨
Plus, I will have the amazing chance to lead a watercolor workshop there and I am so excited about it!! 😝


Leaving for India!! 🕌

Actually, I only made really few trips during these 15 past years and I even realized I have never been out of Europe yet!!
So, I am sure it’s going to be a life-changing adventure for me! Because of India and because of to the watercolor workshop too. 😊 Continue reading

Watermelon obsession, paper testing and backruns.

Yesterday afternoon, I painted 5 times my watermelon slice!!!! 😁😂  With its gorgeous color and its juicy look, the fun didn’t end at all, even after several sketches. I was so happy to play with water and colors!! 😝 

This creative session was about trying new papers to paint on and ended up with a variation on the same theme aka various ways to paint my watermelon slice. 😀 

So, about the watercolor paper issue… Continue reading