Watercolor workshop in France. Let’s paint Brittany, my dreamlike region!




Hey, I am so happy to announce that I worked on a new watercolor workshop to offer, 😀 with Nancy Walsh, from Going Places Together!
This time, I invite you to discover my home town in France, the amazing Brittany, and especially the coast near where I live : the south and center Finistere.

This is such an awesome region! I am sure you will like the places I chose for you, here. 😍
I think you could say that the atmosphere, here, is a bit between Ireland (celtic cousins!) and… France, of course. ☺️


A watercolor workshop in France. September 2017.
Here is Brittany!

Here is where I would like you to paint with me. 😃 Continue reading

A watercolor workshop in India !!

FemmeIndiennePettWould you like to paint with me, for real?! 😀
Would you be tempted to discover India and creating a watercolor journal from your trip?

I am just amazed to announce that I can offer you both!!!
Isn’t it the best news, ever?!
So, yes, I am going to lead a two weeks watercolor workshop… in India ! 😝

On the programm :
▶︎ Learning how to paint with watercolor, without (or almost without) pencil guidelines ; improving your watercolor sketching skills ;
▶︎ Learning to make quicker and more spontaneous sketches to be able to record, on the spot, some subjects you loved within 10 to 30 mn ;
▶︎ Creating an amazing travel journal together ;
▶︎ Learning how to translate your fantastic discoveries into brushstrokes ;
▶︎ Spending the best time, ever, painting the colors of India!! 😀

The workshop is for beginners artists as well as seasoned sketchers or painters.
It will take place next February, in North India. Continue reading