The following of the USK Symposium videos! KK., Marc Taro Holmes, Maru Godas. :)

Hi! I hope you are doing well and that your days are creative and exciting! 😊

I kept working quite hard on the videos about the Urban Sketchers Symposium which tool place in Chicago last year.
I try to convey a special atmosphere for each video and to share the workshop teaching as well as what it’s like to be hundreds of sketchers in the streets. 😉


The second one from the series show the instructors sketching in the morning, before the workshops begin : Liz Steel, Stephanie Bower and Marc Taro Holmes are painting the famous Chicago Theater. All along the video, I browse my sketchbook for you, sharing my drawings and sketches done with every media and tools : watercolor but also ink, pencils, gouache !… My sketchbook includes instax mini photos as well.

We then enjoy a bit of Maru Godas workshop, “Gouache like a child”, and some leaf through in her sketchbook. What an inspiration!

At the end of the video, Marc and I are painting the skyline and railways from a bridge (in full sun!!). The chat with Marc Taro Holmes is so interesting… I am happy to be able to share that with you!

Hope you like it! Here is the vid. 🙂


And, the new one I just finished to work on is about KK workshop, “Sketching with dry twig and Chinese Ink”.
“Dr Ink” 😉 is explaining its technique, showing us how to sharpen the twig and how to use it with ink to draw loose lines. Drawing like that, with just a piece of wood like a bamboo stick or reed pen is such a fun experience!

All along the video, we enjoy a nice plein air demo by KK as well. 🙂
I chose a black and white vintage rendering for this video, I thought it was quite fun and relevant with the inky atmosphere of the workshop.


Please, tell me how you feel about these video sharing on the website. 🙂
Indeed, I am more into videos than articles these days because I like thats it’s a more visual way to share my creative practice (and Symposium experience) and I think the “I talk to you”/”I tell you” way of videos talks can be more friendly and enjoyable (even if I am not so confortable with putting my face in front of a camera!!…).

So, I think about creating an article from time to time featuring some of the videos. Maybe not every one of them because I fear it could seem annoying on the website, and that some people would think “oh that’s just another video sharing article”…
You can subscribe to the channel, though, if you want to see every video and get noticed about them as soon as they are live?! 🙂 You can click on the small bell near the red “subscribe” button, on YouTube, to get notified when a new video is released.

So, feel to go to the YouTube Channel too because, by the way, there is another little surprise out there. 😀 😉


Then, how are you going to be creative today?
Do you have some new plans for 2018, to keep growing your sketching passion and your creativity? 😀

I have a lot of them… Too much, in fact, as usual!! 😉

6 thoughts on “The following of the USK Symposium videos! KK., Marc Taro Holmes, Maru Godas. :)

  1. Love the videos because I would not be finding them on my own. They’re entertaining, helpful, fun to watch, instructive. More please!

    • Hi Julia! Thank yooou! 🙂 I am not sure what you mean by “I would not be finding them on my own” though… I added links in the article to help (btw, the links to the YouTube channel and Instagram are at the top right of the page as well).

      Here is where the YouTube channel is :
      As I said, if you want to follow me there, you can click on the red “Subscribe” button and then on the little bell to activate the notifications.
      Hope that helps! ☺️

      Thank you again for these wonderful compliments about my videos. ☺️

  2. Great job – music, videography, conversations! I really enjoyed seeing Chicago again, this time through the Urban Sketcher’s experience. Thanks!

  3. Fantastic Anne-Laure! It was such a fast-paced few days at USK I am sorry I didn’t have the chance to meet you! Love your videos — the scenes, the peeks at the artists and the music!

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