USK Symposium [Episode 4]. Veronica Lawlor workshop and Marc Taro Holmes painting

Here is the 4th episode of our saga about the Manchester Urban Sketchers Symposium! 😀 😙

This videos is especially about Veronica Lawlor workshop, which was really inspiring and interesting.
Her sketches have such an amazing style and, as an illustrator living in New York, she even sketched the World Trade Center attack, live, so the least we can say is that she knows what she is talking about!… (Oh that’s so weird, I just realized, writing that, that we were the 11th September. All my thoughts to the victims and families…)

I really really like what she is telling in the video :

“Sometimes, that little bit of exaggeration or distortion can really becomes a lie to tell the truth. If I draw exactly, you’ll know what I saw ; if I really push on it, you’ll know what I felt”.
Veronica Lawlor.

I think I need to write that somewhere. 😝 😉

So, I keep browsing my sketchbook for you, telling you what I tried to achieve with my sketches and talking, especially, about giving depth and dynamism to our drawings.

This video also includes 5 full minutes of Marc Taro Holmes painting and that’s such a treat to watch him paint and to study his awesome technique!! 😃



Btw, sorry for being so chatty about my sketches! 😉 I really hope that my talk can be useful for you, that it can give you some new ideas, inspire you for your own sketchbook, and can help you to grab a few tips from the workshops I attended. ☺️



The last video is almost ready too, so I think I will be able to upload it early this week. 😊

12 thoughts on “USK Symposium [Episode 4]. Veronica Lawlor workshop and Marc Taro Holmes painting

  1. I agree with Elaine!!! Your website and all the videos, and sharing all your sketching journey is amazing and a wonderful gift to all of us out there. Cheers from Canada!

  2. Thank you for your videos and you really gave me some ideas. Can you tell me which pen you used with the ink in the video with Veronica Lawlor? I like the irregular lines so much!

    • Hi Gerda! Thank you!
      This is what is called a “fude nib fountain”. That’s a blast to use!!
      I really like the irregular lines too. ☺️
      Mine is a Sailor fude nib fountain pen.

  3. Leaving next week for Italy to paint in Tuscany, and sketch in Rome and Florence. I’m a new painter, this is so helpful. We must be fearless in our interpretations of what we see. Thank you Anne.

  4. Great video and I enjoyed seeing your sketches after taking the workshop from Veronica Lawlor. Good ideas and helpful to do the smaller sketches “puzzling out the picture” using a black marker first. I remember in art classes – most teachers made us do “thumbnails” (2″ x 2″) sketches first before committing to the final sketch, so I see Veronica’s point. I liked the addition of color to some of your B&W sketches too. You did a fantastic job sketching – and I don’t think you talk to much as I like hearing your French accent. Thanks again for taking me to Manchester via your video!

    • Thank you for your comment, Karla!

      “Thumbnails” (small or big ) can be used either for some value studies (this is really common) or for a framing / composition studies. Yes, they can be really useful!

      Thank you so much for your kind comments about my sketches and videos… and accent!!! ☺️

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