Video of Marc Taro Holmes watercolor demo. [in Alvor, Portugal]

Hi guys! 😀

I am very happy, today, to be able to share with you this video I made, showing Marc Taro Holmes in action, during our workshop in Portugal!
Thank you so much, Marc, for allowing me to share this! 😉

That’s so fascinating to be able to watch and study Marc brushwork, its way to handle a large scene, its technique of using at times juicy paint and at times thicker one… Seeing, that way, a painting “creating itself” in front of our eyes really is awesome! 😝


As I was rather close to Marc, 😉 I was capable of catching great close-up views of his painting technique and brushwork, with two different lenses and my hybrid camera. For this demo, I was able to keep the sound too, so you can even benefit from a few of his advices. 😛

Here is the watercolor Marc is painting in the video. That’s so lovely!! 😀


I am not sure I want you to look at my own watercolor sketch of this same scene after seeing Marc version 😳 😭 but if you feel like to, it’s the last sketch of this article. That’s just amazing how much the feeling, the style and the colors can be so different, even if it’s the same place, painted at the same moment!

Look at these color variations, this melted areas, these nice calligraphic marks, this overall contrast and feeling of sun! Whooo. 😍

So, enough chatting, here is the video! 😉

Marc is painting with a DaVinci Artissimo Sable Quill, on Fabriano 140 lb cold press paper.

If you don’t already follow Marc Taro Holmes blog, don’t deprive yourself of this amazing resource anymore !
Here is a link to visit it.

I hope you will like the video almost as much as I liked seeing Mars painting in real life. ☺️

13 thoughts on “Video of Marc Taro Holmes watercolor demo. [in Alvor, Portugal]

  1. Vraiment beau, j’aime beaucoup comment il se sert de son pinceau. ses gris sont magnifiques……Mer i

    • Danielle, oui, je trouve aussi qu’il est vraiment très instructif d’observer Marc manier le pinceau. Ces petites touches légères, la manière dont il écrase parfois le pinceau sur le papier… Il utilise aussi beaucoup son auriculaire pour se stabiliser. 😉
      J’avais dans l’idée de faire, peut-être un montage vidéo juste au sujet de ce maniement du pinceau, en mixant différentes images des démos que j’ai filmées. ça pourrait être très intéressant. 🙂

      Quant à ses gris, sur le moment, je les trouvais verdâtres !! Son choix de couleurs m’étonnait (d’autant plus que l’aquarelle est plus vive quand elle est mouillée) et, finalement, effectivement, le rendu est juste magnifique. 😀

    • Thank you Karla! I asked Marc about the size of the brush.
      I will tell you when I have the answer. ☺️

      • So, the brush is a DaVinci Artissimo #3 Sable Quill.

        Marc said about it : “It’s got a great point! Well worth the cost (yes, they are expensive!) because this brush replaces a whole set of small, medium and large synthetics.”

  2. How generous of both you to share this wonderful video. Excellent job of filming and the montage. Wish I had been with you! Marc is very inspiring and makes it all look so easy. But we know it isn’t so!

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment, Carolyn.
      Yes, it was so great to watch Marc paint!
      That’s why I am happy to share a bit of that with you. More videos later !!

      Indeed, things always look effortless when you watch a good painter at work… 😉

  3. First of all – great video! Those close ups really show stokes and brush in details. Thank you for sharing your experience with painting with Marc 🙂

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