Video with explanations! Mango 15 mn watercolor demo.

That’s my first try at making a watercolor demo and talking in English at the same time… 😅
So, really, thank you in advance for your indulgence!… I know it’s a bit more than I can chew for now, but I wanted to be able to offer you a video with some talking (so you can hear me laughing 😁 😜 ).

My English is awful, full of mistakes and pronunciation errors, but I hope the explanations will be nevertheless understandable enough and that they will bring some useful tips and information to you. 😊

Please ask if there is something you can’t understand, because of the English or of a bad explanation. ☺️


I am painting with a squirrel mop, plus a squirrel and sable reservoir brush, on the Daler Rowney sketchbooks with cheap paper 😳 I am using for some time now.

Do you like my really loose mango?! Full of dripping effects, backruns and splatters?! 😝
Here is the video.

So fun!! 😝

I recently added a button that allows you to add some pics in the comments.
So, maybe, if you want to paint along with me, you could share your mango sketch?! 😉 You could also pick a fruit or a vegetable at home and put it near a window (back light orientation) with a dark background, like me, and sketch it following my approach?! 😀

I wish you a nice Sunday and beginning of the week.
As for me, I am going to be really busy, going the the Northern France to prepare the upcoming exhibition. 😊 I’ll keep you in touch! ☺️

28 thoughts on “Video with explanations! Mango 15 mn watercolor demo.

  1. Anne`Laure..merci beaucoup..j’ai bu mon café en regardant ton vidéo..habituellement c’est du thé vert..mon café fut plus apprécié en regardant ta démonstartion..
    Votre accent est charmant et votre anglais exemplaire.
    C’est certain que je vais essayer.Les couleurs sont superbes et j’en prends en note..J’aime bien voir le déroulement en débutant par un espace négatif.
    Merci merci.

  2. Anne-Laure thank you for posting your video. I had no problem understanding what you were saying. Your English is good! I am fairly new to watercolor however I have drawn to working very wet. You learn so much from watching someone paint. I am inspired to do a painting of fruit today.
    Thank you again. I hope when you have time you will post more video. I am so I followed Marc Taro Holmes recommendation to follow your blog.

  3. Anne Laure…..thank you for the wonderful video. It was so nice to hear your voice….your english is great! After watching the video I saw the painting entirely different than before I watched the video. When I look at your art I see a beautiful finished product, but when I watch you create it I am able to see something I might be able to do as well…..interesting….. I am going to sit down and give it a try. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this wonderful video. Enjoy your exhibition!

    Warmest regards, Cindy/USA

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this video… really inspiring and your English was very easy to understand. I do have a question for you, was your book flat on the table or was in elevated a bit to encourage the runs?

  5. Thanks so much for this demonstration, Anne-Laure! I will watch it again and paint along with you and I’ll post my mango if I can figure out how. Your English is very, very good. I wish I could speak French as well as you speak English.

  6. I love your splatters, back runs, and drips! That’s what makes your paintings so beautiful. Also, you speak better English than some Americans, so I am laughing. Have you ever heard an American from the south try to speak French???? That would be something to laugh about. I enjoyed your video so much that I’m going to try it today. Be safe traveling to the North of France for your family’s exhibition and enjoy every moment of that well deserved event.

  7. It was so interesting watching your demonstration and seeing the whole thing come together. I’ll try to do this tomorrow and send my mango. I found it easy to follow your commentary. Thank you Anne-Laure. Good night.

      • Hi Cindy!
        Thank you so much for your kind comment and for painting along with the video! You did a very good job!! I think the background and the shadow are especially amazing. Another time, you could manage to get more bright colors for the fruit and more noticeable splatters (and to keep the top white) but it’s already really nice! ☺️

        Thank you for sharing!!

  8. Thanks for such a wonderful demonstration of your painting! I love your colors and your watery effects. I find this technique quite difficult and you do it with such ease. I will try this this week-end! 🙂

    • Here’s my first try on a cheap mixed media spiral block. The paper doesn’t react to wetness and pigment like yours. I will have to try again on different paper. And I will have to practice those splatters lol. Thank you for showing that painting can be fun and fast. I’m not used to painting this way so it is very new for me.

      • Rf, I already reacted to your amazing sketch on Facebook but I want to say again that you did an incredible job, here, with your bold colors and loose approach. This looser techniques suit your work very well!!

        My only critique would be : I am not sure I like the texture of your paper but I am pretty difficult with watercolor paper.

        Thank you again for painting along with me!!

  9. Thank you Anne-Laure! Love your tutorial – so wonderful!!! And, love your English wig beautiful French accent! Aloha plenty!

    • Thank you so much to all of your for your awesome comments about my video! I am so thrilled you liked it! It made me feel really happy!!

      I am sorry I can’t find time to answer to each of you separately because of my trip but thank you so much.

  10. Thanks so much for this vídeo. I’m brazilian and i don’t understand very well english ande french.
    Very beautiful paint!

    • Kate, I am sorry I waited so long before reacting to your sketch (because of the exhibition, the trip, the tireness…) but I was so happy to discover it!!
      This sketch is awesome and it’s so fun to watch how you transferred my mango approach to this pear! Amazing!

      I especially love the bold warm colors with the blue background, the splatters on the fruit and the melting effects between the yellow/lime wash and the blue. This sort of feathering effect is so gorgeous!

      Thank you for sharing the sketch.

  11. Thanks so much for sharing! It’s really helpful. Love your French/English. I’m not good in any of these languages, that’s why I would find it extra helpful if you could wright down the color names? For a long time I thought you had used a patents gray! Love your kind of loose hand and splatters! Hope you will have a nice exhibition

    • Hi Pernille,

      Thank you for your nice comment!

      Hum, I have to remember which colors I used and named. 😉

      There is the Perylene Green, for the background, with a bit of turquoise.

      I talked about the Yellow light, too, mixed with some blue or turquoise to create nice lime or green colors.
      I used some Quinacrodone Gold.

      For the old desk, I used Goethite and Transparent Red Oxide…

      I think I used also a bit of Quinacridone Rose and maybe Quinacrodine Fuchsia (darker) for the red part of the mango, and some Moonglow.

      Here it is. Hope that helps! ☺️

  12. Hi, Marie-Laure. I finally found time to watch the video. Thank you so much, I was very interested in the negative painting and the use of the petit Gris brush (I’ve just bought one), also in how you do the splatter. I use a toothbrush with very little control… Very impressed with the English as well!

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