Watercolor inspiration, and my upcoming workshop, in France.

So, I guess I am going to talk a lot about watercolor workshops these days… 😉
Is’t it so exciting to be able to paint together in some gorgeous places all over the world though?!! 😃

Of course, the group for India is full but we are currently setting the group for my future workshop in France.


It will take place next September (2 to 15 September) but Nancy, my trip organiser said it’s time for those was are interested in attending to register, as we have to hold the rooms in the hotels until then, thanks to the registering. 😊

A lot of people especially know Paris and Provence, in France but, believe me, there are many absolutely gorgeous places in the other regions too ! And, in my opinion, Brittany is one of the most beautiful, because of its stunning coasts, authentic villages and diversity of landscapes and atmospheres. 😍
There are so much awesome places and adorable secret spots that you could paint there for a whole year without feeling bored! 😅 😀

As I know Brittany really well, I chose myselft the places we will visit and paint. So I can speak in full knowledge of the facts. 😉

All the information are here : http://www.watercolorsketching.com/watercolor-workshop-france-brittany-travel-journal/ .



Let me share a few more sketches from my beloved region I didn’t have the chance to show you yet! 😊

Here is a wreck coastal study. I tried to work on it with an abstract approach, playing a lot with the color flowing and the granulations. 😛 I used a lot of really bright acidic colors… It was so fun!!


This is Quimper, a nice city I really love in my region. There are a lot of flowers near the river, there, a huge cathedral and some adorable buildings like this one, with its so cute tower. 😊 (By the way, there is a photo of this place in the other article, with all the info about the trip).


A lovely “mansion-house” in Quimper, painted during a sketchcrawl. I loved the details on the façade, the gate and the tree full of colors too. ☺️


I keep going with Quimper, with this a bit rushed (15 to 20 mn) sketch of an impressive museum, there. I had to take someone at the train station really soon so I couldn’t spend more time on the sketch! 😉


Before leaving Quimper, let’s paint its huge cathedral! It’s really impressive, even from the distance. That’s funny for me to share some slightly older sketches with you! I made such huge progresses, I think, lately that some of my previous sketches seem a bit shy, tidy or wonky to me… But I still like them! 😊


Let’s take a new peak at the coast. This a page painted in Crozon-Morgat, with a study of blues and some color mixing tests too.


I painted this page from the beach, in Pentrez. Loose flowing costal sketch and urchin (and heart-shaped stone) studies.


This is a detail of the church, in Pleyben. What an impressive architecture, so exciting to paint! I used a lot of negative painting in this one. ☺️


Just a lovely house among the trees… 😊


A sunny day in Pleyben. There a lot of little chapels like this one in the area. Dozens of it actually. I think they make really great subjects!


Here is a slightly more refined painting, done in Pont-Aven, the city of Paul Gauguin. That’s so impressive to paint there, following the step of the master! We will paint there, too, during the workshop, of course.


And a last one, a coast in the storm study with a lot of color and water playing.


So, hopefully, you liked this virtual trip in Brittany! 😊

I am so looking forward to painting it more for the upcoming month (after India, of course!).

Have a good day!    😀

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  1. Great to discover your website, I look forward to watching more in the future. My wife teaches Pocket Sketching, a three day workshop, the she teaches all over the US and parts of Canada. Keep up the great work.

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