Watercolor sketches from India!!!!!

I am in India for a while and I can’t believe what I see and what I live. All of it is really stunning! The dreamy atmosphere, the smile of people, the colors, the business… This is so impressive!!

I am really happy to share with you some of my loose work in this colorful and exciting country.
Temples and statues everywhere, bright colors, gorgeous atmospheres… India is a real gift for the painter!


I always try to compose a sketche simplifying the scene in 2 or 3 main elements if possible, as the flag and the sketchers in the foreground for this one, below.


I have a lot of fun, keeping going with my “more and more wet in wet additions approach”. 😛
Despite my fears, it is possible to do so even under the sun of India (but, in the shade, nevertheless, I am still not completely mad!! 😉 )


As usual, I try to put together in my journal some sketches of various subjects : buildings, people, food, street atmospheres etc.
Moreover, all of it is quite fascinating here in India! 😃


Below, I painted a sacred tree. I am pretty happy that my tree sketches are getting better and better!😊
For this one, I had fun splattering a lot to create the foliage, first on the wet sky wash, then on dry paper.


I keep working on sketching people and adding them to my sketches to give them more life, a sense of scale, and a more touching feeling.
Sometimes, I begin with the people then I grow the surroundings around them. And sometimes, they happen as a nice addition to the painted atmosphere.
Whoo, can you believe that such scenes are real?!


Indeed, one of the most striking thing I felt during the trip was this impression or unreality.
In India, you find yourself so often in crazy / dreamy / movie-like / unbelievable situations!! 😱😃

This sikh temple, white with its golden dome, with a big quiet pool and hundreds of people, barefoot, in their colorful outfit walking slowly in the place made a great impression on me!


Plus, I has never been so easy to sketch people! 🎉 👧🏾

It’s warm outside so it feels good staying in the street sketching, people are everywhere outdoors and children all around sometimes pose for you as another fantastic gift!! 😀
I focus on posture, hair styles and outfits. 😊


Of course, it’s not always easy to find a spot to sketch in this incredibly busy places but I manage to do so most of the time : sitting on a step or on my stool, or sketching standing trying to stay out of the way.

Even more than usual, I do my best to simplify the most the scenes I have the chance to enjoy, and to focus.
For example, in the painting below, I melted almost the whole content of this little shop as a variegated granulated wash, my focal points being the man in the shade behind its bags of goods and the shop sign.


Here is a first overview of my work out there! I hope you liked the sketches! ☺️

Leading the watercolor workshop is an amazing adventure too and I am really lucky to get motivated, talented and the kindest students.
I will tell you it all in an upcoming article! 😀

16 thoughts on “Watercolor sketches from India!!!!!

  1. Thanks so much for sharing these Anne Laure. Yes, India is magical…….wish I had discovered Urban Sketching when I visited in 1985….. I just have transparencies. I would love to know what colours you have chosen to depict the vibrancy of India.

  2. Your sketches are full of color,love the way you simplify the scenes…enjoy and I can’t wait to see more!,

  3. I’m seeing only two of the images, the first and the second to last 🙁

    All the rest appear broken to me.

  4. We did not have time at the end to share our sketches, so am glad you are sharing here!

  5. I have the same problem as Karen, only those two images open. This is the first time your blog has done this.

  6. Thank you so much!! I ma sorry that some of you couldn’t see the pics. There was a problem with the photo saving.
    Now, it should be OK. Could you tell me if you can see ALL the pics please?!

    Hope you like them!

  7. Beautiful watercolour sketches. you have captured the mood and images well. It appears you travelled in the north India. If you travel to the east or to the south you will get equally colourful yet different objects and subjects to paint. Do come again!

    • I would like to come again so much, indeed!! In the places I already visited and in so many other regions in India!
      I really hope I will be able to travel in your wonderful country again. ☺️

      Thank you so much for your compliments about my sketches! I am really happy you likes them.

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