Watercolor workshop in France. Let’s paint Brittany, my dreamlike region!




Hey, I am so happy to announce that I worked on a new watercolor workshop to offer, 😀 with Nancy Walsh, from Going Places Together!
This time, I invite you to discover my home town in France, the amazing Brittany, and especially the coast near where I live : the south and center Finistere.

This is such an awesome region! I am sure you will like the places I chose for you, here. 😍
I think you could say that the atmosphere, here, is a bit between Ireland (celtic cousins!) and… France, of course. ☺️


A watercolor workshop in France. September 2017.
Here is Brittany!

Here is where I would like you to paint with me. 😃



If you ever read some of the “Asterix” comics, maybe my map is reminding you something, lol!! 😂 😄



But let me reassure you! We won’t met any barbarian or any Knight of the Round Table either (yes, Broceliande is here, too, in my fantasy-like region!!) during our painting trip. 😉 Just kind fishermen, talented cooks, and French artists, of course!


A stunning region

I am so glad to know that I will paint here, during 12 days, with our group of passionate artists from all over the world!
I am so proud of it. 😝

Timeless villages, breathtaking seascapes, gorgeous cobbled streets, lovely harbors, amazing vistas, wild coasts, dreamlike forests, unreal sunsets, never-ending beaches… Who wouldn’t want to paint that?! 😊

Did you know that our region, the Finistere (which means “end of Earth”, nothing less!…), has such an intricate coast that it is longer than all the other French coasts put together?! (I guess it shows on the map, actually 😉 )



But let’s get down to the facts.
Next year, in September, 2017, 2 to 15 September, we will paint Brittany. 😃

We divided the trip into three accommodations so that we can easily enjoy various atmospheres and visit almost the whole Finistere region. We will have our accomodations in Hotel de l’Océan in Concarneau, Hotel Gradlon in Quimper, and Hotel de France in Camaret-sur-Mer (or similar).


Watercolor sketching and travel journaling workshop, with me!! 😜

Each day will be divided into free visiting time of the locations and watercolor workshop sessions.
Hopefully, the later will help you to enhance your painting skills and to record, with brush in hand, the beauty of Brittany! 😌


I hope, through this workshop, along with helping you to improve your watercolor technique, to make you learn to loosen up and develop a style on your own. ☺️
Moreover, this amazing trip will be an opportunity for you to create a travel journal full of evocative sketches and colorful paintings, a perfect record of this unforgettable French adventure! 😀

During the workshop sessions, we will alternate between : 😌
– quick warm up exercises
– demonstrations with commentary
– small straightforward sketches
– “start and stop” paint along sessions with me
– personal painting sessions with one on one critiques…

We will work on various watercolor techniques: ☺️
– negative painting
– shape creating with a brush
– color mixing and color variations to add interest
– working with values
– simplifying what you see
– adding calligraphic marks and dark strokes
– taming the dry brush technique
– painting some areas wet on wet…
– using wisely warm and cool colors
– adding details on dry or wet paper, etc.

At last, thanks to the amazing diversity of Brittany, this workshop will help you to be more at ease with diverse subjects :
– seascapes, rocky coasts and beaches
– harbors and boats
– religious architecture : churches, chapels and calvaries
– the French architecture used in stonework edifices and half timbered houses
– lovely alleys and squares
– urban settings and street atmospheres
– French food
– flowers, plants, trees, forests…
– Details like shells, seaweeds, flags, seagulls…

Brittany has it all and I am looking forward to sharing it with you. 😀😘





All the useful information

This a 12 days workshop-trip for a friendly small group of only 10 to 12 participants.
The dates : 2 to 15 September 2017.
The locations are introduced and developed in detail in the itinerary section, below.

Are included in the trip :
– 13 nights accommodations in all convenience hotels
– 13 breakfasts (B) and most of the dinners (D) during the trip (9 dinners)
– Transfers and tours with bus
– Boat cruise to L’ile d’Ouessant and entrance fees
– Going Places Together tour coordinator throughout
– Watercolour Workshop sessions with Anne-Laure Jacquart

The price is $2850.00 USD for a twin accommodation.

Please visit the Going Places Together webpage for all additional information.

Feel free to send me email or to contact Nancy from Going Places Together if you have any question of feel interested by the workshop.
To contact me, go to the “About me” page using the menu at the top right of the website. You will find my email there. ☺️




Itinerary and locations for the workshop

Here is the detail of the itinerary, as written by Nancy. 😊

I hope that, if you envision to come, this will make your mouth water!! 😉
If you think you won’t be able to come, hopefully this will put some stars in your eyes and will make you discover the beauty of Brittany?! ☺️

I tried to share a bit of the atmosphere of each place through a few photos and sketches. I hope you will like them. 😊
All sketches and photographs by me.


Day 1 Sept 2, 2017. Arrive in Concarneau

Arrive in Concarneau and check into your hotel.
Overnight: Hotel De L’Ocean, Concarneau (or similar).
Meals: Dinner

Day 2 Sept 3, 2017. Discovering and painting Concarneau

Concarneau is a charming harbor and an adorable village.
These are the assets that make it the destination Anne-Laure felt would be a perfect introduction to Brittany.
The quaint ville close (walled town) and its sandy beaches are a perfect beginning to your Britttany workshop.

After breakfast at your hotel join Anne-Laure and begin your Workshop in Brittany!
Each evening, join Anne-Laure for a special social critique time. Your evening is at leisure.
Overnight: Hotel De L’Ocean, Concarneau (or similar).
Meals: Breakfast (B) Dinner (D)



Day 3, Sept 4, 2017. Day trip to Pont Aven

Today your workshop takes you east of Concarneau to Pont-Aven best known for its association with the post-impressionist painter Paul Gauguin. This attractive village aslo has lovely riverside walks and a mouth-watering food speciality called the galette.
The best can be purchased from ‘Traou Mad’, where these butter biscuits (not pancakes) were invented in 1920.
Overnight: Hotel De L’Ocean, Concarneau or similar
Meals: Breakfast (B) Dinner (D)



Day 4 Sept 5, 2017. Concarneau atmospheres

Today you continue to capture Concarneau, enjoying and painting seascapes, harbor scenes and the city of Concarneau lovely feeling.
Overnight: Hotel De L’Ocean, Concarneau (or similar).
Meals: Breakfast (B) Dinner (D)



Day 5 Sept 6, 2017. Day trip to Benodet, île Tudy, Le Guilvinec and Penmarch lighthouse

After breakfast, check out of your hotel, join your group and board your bus for your second accommodation on this journey, stopping along the way to discover new gorgeous locations on the south coast.
Visit Benodet city, enjoy the harbor atmospheres in ile Tudy and Le Guilvinec… And what a wonderful way to end your day as you admire the Breton sea from the top of the Penmarch Lighthouse!
On arrival in Quimper, check into your hotel. Your evening is at leisure.
Overnight: Hotel Gradlon (or similar).
Meals: Breakfast (B)



Day 6 Sept 7, 2017. Quimper at leisure

Quimper is the administrative capital and the heart of this region of Brittany.
The town is known for its cathedral, atmospheric old quarter and the museums. Today is at leisure, time to shop, visit the museums and the cathedral, sketch and shop.
Quimper has an art supply store! Anne-Laure will take you there.
Overnight: Hotel Gradlon (or similar).
Meals: Breakfast (B)



Day 7 Sept 8, 2017. Day trip to Locronan

Today you experience a local bus journey. You are off to Locronan.
Locronan is officially one of the most beautiful villages of France just 10 miles north-west of Quimper sitting on a mountain. It is an impressive and unspoiled Brittany village classified as a historical monument since 1924 because of its architectural qualities.
Sketch its large square where the Church of St. Ronan can be found along with the granite renaissance houses.
Locronan has inspired artists, painters, sculptors and filmmakers and it will inspire you, for sure!
Overnight: Hotel Gradlon (or similar).
Meals: Breakfast (B)



Day 8 Sept 9, 2017. Painting Quimper

Quimper has so much to share… Today’s workshop will take place in this amazing city.
Time to sketch in the exotic gardens and the city streets while enjoying the French architecture.
Overnight: Hotel Gradlon (or similar).
Meals: Breakfast (B)



Day 9 Sept 10, 2017. La Pointe du Raz and Ste Anne La Palud beach.

It is moving day! Board your bus for your journey to Camaret-sur-mer.
Your first stop is in La Pointe du Raz, France’s wild and windy equivalent of Land’s End. What an awesome place to enjoy and paint! So impressive!
Around 16:00 hrs, board your bus and continue your journey to Sainte Anne La Palud beach. One more amazing coastal place to paint and enjoy! This time, the atmosphere is more about the dunes and the endless sand expanses.
After checking in to your Camaret-sur-Mer hotel, join your group for dinner in the hotel diningroom.
Overnight: Hotel de France, Camaret-sur-mer (or similar).
Meals: Breakfast (B) Dinner (D)



Day 10 Sept 11, 2017. Camaret-sur-mer

Today, your workshop will be in Camaret following the flow that has been formed by this point in your journey.
Camaret is a lovely city with an impressive large tower built by the famous French architect Vauban. It has an adorable chapel that stands on a dyke right in the middle of the harbor.
It is the home of many artists and you will have the opportunity to visit their galleries.
Overnight: Hotel de France, Camaret-sur-mer (or similar).
Meals: Breakfast (B) Dinner (D)



Day 11 Sept 12, 2017. Day trip to Pleyben/ Huelgoat Les monts d’Arree / St. Michel de Brasparts

Today you will visit the Monts d’Arree hills. The views from up top are tremendous.
A special stop on this journey is in Pleyben the home of Anne-Laure. Pleyben offers an impressive church and religious enclosure for you to capture with your mind and brushes.
The Huelgoat Forest gives you a completely new vista with ancient fantasy-like trees and enormous rocks. Wander along the paths and through rock formed tunnels enjoying the cool feeling of the grove.
Your last stop of the day is at Montagne St-Michel an extraordinary rounded hill topped by a chapel that has withstood the winds since the 17th century.
Overnight: Hotel de France, Camaret-sur-mer (or similar).
Meals: Breakfast (B) Dinner (D)



Day 12 Sept 13, 2017. A new sketching adventure….visit to L’Ile d’Ouessant by boat.

First, enjoy and paint the boat journey for Ouessant, then, discover the unique island!
The island of Ushant (Ouessant in French), 18 miles (30Km) off the coast of Le Conquet, is where you will find France’s most westerly point, Pointe de Pern.
The island is well known for its lighthouses and treacherous seafaring heritage but especially for its indigenous sheep.
Overnight: Hotel de France, Camaret-sur-mer (or similar).
Meals: Breakfast (B) Dinner (D)

[Anne-Laure note. I have never been to Ouessant, myself, even if it’s not for from my home, that’s why I don’t have any photo or sketch to display as an evocation of the place. But I am so looking forward to discovering it and paint it with you!!]

Day 13 Sept 14, 2017. Camaret-sur-mer

Today is a day of painting and leisure, time to prepare for your trip home or visit the village and have a glass of wine or a Breton cider bowlful. Join your group for a farewell dinner where you can share your sketchbooks of your French discoveries and artistic journey.
Overnight: Hotel de France, Camaret-sur-mer (or similar).
Meals: Breakfast (B) Dinner (D)



Day 14 Sept 15, 2017.

Time to say goodbye!


Here it is! I hope you liked this virtual journey and that you will want to join me in this adventure! 😀

I wouldn’t want to seem pushy but I already heard about a few people interested by a workshop in France by me.
As there are only 12 spots at most, I don’t know if the workshop can quickly end up full or not…

So, just in case, please don’t wait if you think you want to attend the trip. ☺️ 😉

18 thoughts on “Watercolor workshop in France. Let’s paint Brittany, my dreamlike region!

  1. Hi Anne-Laure -Hoping to join you –looks like a wonderful workshop! Love all of your beautiful watercolor sketches and the photos of Brittany are amazing.

    • Hi Toni!
      Thank you so much for your kind word about the sketches, the photos… ☺️
      I am really happy that you feel interested by the trip! I really hope you will be able to join us!

  2. WOw! C’est si excitant!!!! J’aimerais vraiment y participer…….mon mari et moi pensons sérieusement à la possibilité……nous avons juste besoin de quelques….minutes….jours de réflexion, Question de penser au budget!!!!!!! A bientôt, j’espère……Lui, n’est pas un artiste….comment peut-on s’arranger avec le coût???? IL est photographe…..

    • Ouiiiii, n’est-ce pas Danielle ?! Carrément enthousiasmant !!

      C’est génial que vous pensiez venir, ton mari et toi ! (est-ce qu’on se tutoie ?? Oups, je ne suis plus sûre 😉 )
      Ton mari peut venir en tant que compagnon, ce n’est pas un souci. Le coût est de 400 $ de moins : $2559.00 USD pour les compagnons.

      Un photographe ne peut qu’être une sympathique addition au voyage !! 😉
      Peut-être pourra-t-il nous faire des photos coulisse des workshops, ce serait sympa ! ☺️

      Je ne suis plus sûre non plus pour la langue… Le workshop sera dans mon anglais un peu balbutiant et prononcé à la française, lol ! 😉

      Cela me fait vraiment plaisir que tu sois intéressée par le workshop, en tous cas.
      On se tient au courant ?

      • BOn, il y a longtemps que je t’ai écrit…….je n’ai malheureusement pas les sous…ou les dollars pour m’y rendre…..et je ne sais pas si le groupe est complet…mais je vais continuer d’y rêver……..on ne sait jamais je pourrais gagner la loterie…..Bon, gardes moi bien sûr la liste de ton site d aquarelle, j adore ce que tu fais……. Et bonne chance!!!! Nous te saluons, Danielle et Geof…

  3. Hi Anne-Laure. This looks fabulous!! I’m marking my calendar and I’m saving my money.

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  5. What is the closest airport and will it be the same airport pre and post class? Also, is transfer to and from airport included?

  6. Oups c est de Hornby Island……ou j aime dessiner…chaque été …………

  7. Je serai pas au voyage en Bretagne …je dessinerai au Canada……en tout cas, je vous souhaite un merveilleux voyage tout l monde!!!!

  8. Je serai pas au voyage en Bretagne …je dessinerai au Canada……en tout cas, je vous souhaite un merveilleux voyage tout l monde!!!!

  9. Hello Anne-Marie, I am Gary Heger from New Jersey, USA. I will be in Brittany beginning on July 2017. I am visiting a friend in Chateauneuf du Faou arriving on the 24th. I have to be back in USA before the end of August. I will miss your workshop. I’m asking if you can offer a few days the first week of August for some private instructions and outings. I do not have a website of my paintings but have many I can post if you would like to see.

    • Hi Gary,

      Thank you for your interest! 🙂 I am sorry, though, as I won’t be in Brittany in August…
      The first week of August, I will be… in the US !! I am attending the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Chicago and visit a bit of the US and Canada with friends.

      I hope we will be able to meet another time and paint together, during a workshop or an event !

  10. Hope to join you one day to sketch in Brittany, one of my favorites regions in France. Will you organize one week trips too?
    Love your loose colourful sketching style. In the mean time, I will follow you on youtube.
    Kind regards,

  11. I have just found you! Will you be doing another workshop in Brittany next year? This one looks to have been wonderful. My father’s family is from Bretagne, and I would love to explore the region via this type of workshop.

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