Work(s) in progress!

Hi everyone!

There is so much going on, here, and so much things so handle that I have not been able to share anything for a while…
Frankly, I will probably need one more week to offer a real content here so I decided to publish this short “work(s) in progress” post, so that you know that I didn’t forget you! 😉

I shot a lot of videos for you during the past few weeks, indeed.
I am looking forward to working on the footages to create the real videos! 😃

Here is a bit of a teasing. 😝


I made myself a new palette and shot the whole operation for you (with some comments about my color choices).
Here it is. You’ll see that it’s a very special one! I really like to use it. 😊





Then, with my new palette, 😃 I left for a creative walk in the forest and enjoyed its gorgeous fall atmosphere.
I will share with you, in the upcoming video, how the natural scenery inspired me for some sketches and I end up making a whole watercolor demo with commentary, right in the woods, while I paint these amanitas, from life. 😚🍄




And, guess what?! I went in Paris and saw again the dear sketching friends I met in Manchester, in one new awesome city!
Parisian atmospheres and sketching mood to expect in the videos I shot there! ☺️



You will also be able to follow us during our day in Le Musée du Louvre, where I painted a lot of stunning ancients, standing and making quick paintings on the spot.
It was a pure watercolor bliss!!



I hope you already liked these few glimpses into my creative activity and future videos!
Thanks for you patience. Hopefully, I will be able to share one of them rather soon! 😉

Take care and create!! 😜

3 thoughts on “Work(s) in progress!

  1. Je suis de plus en plus sous le charme. Quelle évolution . l’œil et le talent du photographe au service de ton nouveau talent d’aquarelliste coloriste.
    j’ai hâte de voir tes vidéos et je suis convaincue ton voyage en Inde sera magique et que tu auras la gentillesse de nous en faire profiter.
    (Entre nous, j’essaie vraiment de me remettre à l’anglais . Mais à 64 ans, le lire OK mais le comprendre c’est dur ! que ne me ferais-tu pas faire )

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