About watercolor sketching (not “painting” ! ;) )

Welcome to my watercolor sketching blog!!!  😀  🎉  😝  🎨

As a start, I would like to express a huge thank you to my hubby who worked hard with me on this website. ❤️ 😊
And the other “thank you” goes to you! Thank YOU to be there, reading me! 😘

I thought it could be interesting to write a short article in each category I have created for the blog (you can see them at the top right of each page). This way, the categories are not empty 😉 and you will be able to better grasp what I envision to share on this sketching blog. 😊


This article is in the “Watercolor” category.
And there are so much things to say about this awesome medium, isn’t it?!

What if I  explain to you why this is NOT a “watercolor painting” blog? 😉

Actually, these amazing pieces done in the studio, wet on wet, or with so much details that your first think this is a photo are not really my thing. Sure, realistic painting is impressive and working on an artwork for hours can make us having a good time but… I like better the spontaneity of a quick sketch, the expressiveness of a piece where you see and feel the strokes of the painter, the adventurous feeling of being in a public place sketching standing what life is really is. 😊

The reason I am interested in being able to sketch quickly is not because I can’t or don’t want to take time to create.
That’s not for the sake of being in a rush!

That’s just because I think that a 30 minutes sketch is often nicer, more powerful and more lively than a 3 hours one. 😉
And those who are able to do sketching wonders and to produce amazing expressive pieces within 5 or 10 minutes are the ones, in my opinion, being the queen and kings of art (and I want to be a princess of art, folling their lead 😛).

According to me, this is true for – almost – all drawing/painting techniques but even more for watercolor. The reason is : watercolor is suitable for sketching quickly and it is an amazing technique to share an impression, a feeling. And it’s a better idea to let it do its thing than to want to break in it…

In the “Watercolor” category, we will talk about using a brush to create shapes, handle the paint dilution, playing with colors, creating watery expressive effects, splashing paint (or water) on a wash, creating strong values with our paints, loosen up to create lovely sketches and not “quick tight little paintings” 😬 and so much other things!

I am working for you on an upcoming article with ten tips to create fresh and loose watercolor sketches, as a start. I hope you will like it!

20 thoughts on “About watercolor sketching (not “painting” ! ;) )

  1. So exciting! I wil use the next day’s studying this site! This is really what I have been longing for! YES! (I won’t paint but sketch ) Many regards, Pernille

    • Thank you so much, Pernille! I am really happy you are here. 🙂
      I hope you will think the website is great! Feel free to tell me if there is something wrong. I tried to offer you big pics of good quality and so on but please tell me if it’s ok on your screen!

      I hope the website will inspire you to “sketch” more !!

  2. I’m happy to have discovered your blog. I remember you from ?Liz Steel’s course.
    I love your sketches/paintings. Do you have a follow button for your posts or only via Instagram?

    • Ros, I am happy too!! I follow your blog so yes I remember you too.
      That’s great to follow artists for years, to watch them evolve!!!…

      Thank you for your kind comment about my work. ☺️

      How do you want to follow me? I personally read blogs with Feedly and I just tried it out : it works to add this website of mine on Feedly. You just have to paste the website address in the search field and to click on “+” to add it.
      I already have 4 readers on Feedly!! ✌️

      Perhaps you were meaning by email? I bet it depends on your email…
      Could you add a website just adding the html link? It is worth to try.

      Tell me if you manage to follow me!!

  3. Dear Anne-Laure! I succeed to add you to the blog app! Excellent looks of all the sketches you are showing! So excited to have the opportunity to follow your work, and be able to have an dialogue

    • Yeah !! Congrats for the adding and thank you for your feedback.
      I am really happy too to chat with you all about sketching and creative issues. ☺️

    • Thanks! I am adding the final touches to my article about “fresh watercolors”. ☺️

  4. Tellement contente de pouvoir lire en detail sur grand ecran tes expériences apres Instagram. Je suis en pleine decouverte de ce media (et comme je suis touche a tout, je ne vais pas vite) Un truc qui m’interesse au plus haut point dans la partie pure “sketch” c’est de comprendre comment tu gères les perspectives etc… sans dessin au crayon préalable. .. ou pas ! Oh je sens que je vais apprendre plein de trucs (si tu préfères que je commente en anglais tu me diras, Pas fait expres pour le francais)

    • Merci Ingrid, c’est super gentil ! C’est vrai que l’on voit quand même mieux certains effets, on profite mieux des croquis à ce format. ☺️
      En fait, j’essaie de gérer la perspective en observant particulièrement l’inclinaison des lignes etc. avec plus ou moins de réussite !!! Même quand je dessine au trait, je ne fais pas de lignes repères etc. de toute façon. J’essaie surtout d’obser er et de reproduire…. tout en interprétant, aussi.

      J’espère que mon blog t’aidera à mieux comprendre comment je procède pour peut-être t’en inspirer mais je tâtonne moi-même alors tâtonnons ensemble !!
      Pas de souci pour le français, bien sûr. Si, parfois, il y a des discussions interactives à plusieurs, l’anglais sera peut-être plus approprié mais sinon le francais me va très bien, évidemment !

      • Francais / Anglais ! parfois moi même je ne sais plus trop quelle langue je parle (l’anglais est ma langue de travail). Sinon entre Bretagne et Normandie (ma région familiale), le chemin n’esy pas si long. Je crois que c’est aussi pour cela que tes sujets me parlent tant.

        • Et donc là où es-tu Ingrid ? En Bretagne ??
          Ravie que mes croquis breton te véhiculent du positif en tout cas. ☺️

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