Back from the exhibition! Sketchbooks showcase and artworks pics.


I am back from the exhibition in Northern France and it was a blast! 😀
There were many people for the opening (probably at least a hundred, which means a lot for a little place in a little town!). And people seemed to love the exhibition very much and to really feel inspired by our work… So, we are so happy! 😃

As a reminder, this is an exhibition by the family of mine, the Jacqu’Art Family 😌✌️so there are some creations by my 2 sisters, my mother, my father and me. ☺️

Let me share a few pics! I did some pans of the exhibit. I hope they conveys in a nice way the joyful creative atmosphere of the exhibition, and the light and spacious feel of the place.



Let’s begin with the outside of the exhibition room.
By the way, feel free to click on the panoramic shots, below, to display them in a bigger size! 😉

So, there are already a lot of things to discover in the hallway!
There are some artistic photos (of mine) to see and, above all, to the left of the door, the showcase with my sketchbooks display!

(My dad is waiting just at the entrance, to welcome you! ☺️)



I talked to a lot of people who seemed really impressed by my simple everyday work. Some of them seemed even tempted to try to make a sketchbook themselves so it was a really good inspirational sharing!! 😀


In the inside, you don’t know which way to turn!! There are amazing photos here, watercolors and collages there, wire sculpture everywhere!… 😝
As you can see, the room is really enjoyable to be in, with this gorgeous light coming from the bay windows.


Through the bay windows, we can see kids coming back from the swimming pool which is just there or going to the nice creative or sportive activities taking place in the same building as the exhibition.
This creates a playful mood and allowed us to make a few outside/inside nice pics with the artworks. 😉

These are the ink on rice paper kakemonos I created for the exhibition. 😊

© Anne-Laure Jacquart


ExpoDetail7© Sylvaine Jacquart


ExpoDetail12© Anne-Laure Jacquart


Let’s move on to the showcase with my mother sculptures and collages. Aren’t they so lovely, so poetic?! 😀






My mom also made a surprising setting to go with the photos my father photos shot at a local bear factory, with bear bottles, a dry stick and some clingfilm!! 😆



Here are a few other pans where you can have…

… a better view of my dad work, with its other photographical series (click on the pics!)…

… where you can see some amazing torn paper collages from my mom…

…. where you are able to see the display of my little sister Sylvaine Indian photos…

… and to enjoy some more pics from my little sister (to the left), the artwork of my big sister (to the right) and a photo of mine in the center.


Not bored by stunning creative stuff yet?! 😛😜

Here are the two watercolors I made for the exhibit. My first watercolors in an exhibition ever!!
They come with a poem from my mother called “On my paper” which evoke a brush crying, sliding and dancing on the paper. 😊



As a conclusion, here are some close up shots my younger sister Sylvaine did in the exhibition, starting by me, with my camera and my palette full of colors!! 😙












The last photos are by © Sylvaine Jacquart.


If you have the chance to be in France in the next few days or weeks, please note that the exhibition keeps going until June the 30th, in Douai, Northern France.

Thank you for visiting virtually our exhibition! I hope you liked it!

8 thoughts on “Back from the exhibition! Sketchbooks showcase and artworks pics.

  1. You are a talented family. I love each I wish I could see it in person. I like all the books together in the beginning
    Colors to make one happy. Congratulations to you all. Janet lee Essex,ct. Usa

  2. What a wonderful post. Congratulations on the exhibition by such a creative family. I wish you every success. It is well deserved.p

  3. Delightful and wonderful work by all of you! How blessed you are to be part of this amazing family. And the fact that you can work together to put on this fabulous show is another huge blessing. Well done Jaqu’art family!!

  4. Wonderful exhibition. Bright, colourful, energetic. Joie de vivre! You and your family are so talented.
    Congratulations and thank you for sharing.

  5. This is one of the most creative exhibitions I have ever seen, and I go to a lot of art galleries in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho – “The Art Spirit”…only one of many. I especially liked the wire art piece with the girl in the swing next to a star. Honestly, I liked everything! Your ink on rice paper and the more simple watercolor sketches of yours were brilliant!

    My best friend lives in Sweden, so maybe next year I’ll go see her and travel to France! With all the creative talent you and your family have – maybe all of you could have your own “art gallery” one day? Congratulations to the entire family on their most beautiful creations.

    • Hi Karla, thank you so much for this amazingly enthusiastic comment (again!) !!
      That’s a bit embarrassing but thank yooooou ! I will translate your words to my family so that they know you loved the exhibition so much.
      My mom will be very happy that you loved her wire sculpture. ☺️
      Thank you for your compliments about my paintings too.

      It is so amazing that you are probably going to visit my country. France is so beautiful. I hope you will like it!
      I guess having a gallery may be really expensive and it’s not easy to sell artwork but maybe one day?!…

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