Flowing and dripping watercolors.

As I gradually learn about watercolor, I keep coming across this idea : USE MORE WATER!!
(and use more pigment if you don’t want that your painting seems weak and diluted).

It was already actually one of my “10 tips for nice and fresh watercolors”. 😊

So, I keep working on it and I keep figuring out that I can do even more in this direction!! Yeah, even MORE water!!

The reason why water is so important, for watercolor, is because water make the pigment float, move and react… 😉
Like so, your use of water determines how the paint is going to set on the page, whatever your taste is.

You like smooth regular washes? Create a carpet of water where the pigment will be able to set regularly!
You like crazy watery effects, melting colors and granulation, like me? Make the watercolor run on the page to create fascinating patterns! Don’t create a lake, for a change, but a river for your colors!! 😀

You can even envision to disturb your wash at the right time to play even more with our fascinating medium. 😝




Let me tell you my watery experiences of these past few days. 😊

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Harbour and boats watercolor sketches. [Brest and Camaret-sur-Mer, France]

What if I took you discovering some Breton lovely harbors ? 😙

It was not on purpose but I had the chance to sketch two of them during the past weeks so I thought I should share my sketches with you. Boats and harbour are so interesting to paint! 😀



First of all, a few weeks ago, I spent a whole day in Brest and filled 5 pages of sketchbooks with watercolors!! ☺️

I took the chance to submit an article to the Urban Sketchers blog about Brest architecture and harbour and it has been published a few days ago. You may have already read it?! 😌 Continue reading

Indian woman watercolor demo. And only 3 places left for the workshop in India! :)

As an inspiration for the week end, here is a video where I am painting a loose watercolor sketch of an Indian woman wearing a red sari. That’s a 5 minutes painting so that is definitely the kind of quick sketch I would like to do a lot in India, in my travel diary, taking advantage of the beautiful and colorful outfits of the Indian people! 😀

By the way, our little group for India (I chose to limit it to around 10 people) is growing gradually. 😊 Thank you so much for the artists that have decided to take part in this adventure with me!! 😀😘

There are only 3 places left for the watercolor trip there, by now, so, if you think you are interested, think about sending me an email or sending one to Nancy, from Going Places Together.

All the information about the watercolor workshop I am going to lead in India from the 19 Feb 2017 to the 6 March 2017 is here on the website and there on the Going Places together website! ☺️

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Urban Sketching with watercolors. Simplifying urban scenes.

Do you remember when we talked about the idea of tackling a wider scene to record the atmosphere, the “big picture” in our sketchbooks?
Soooo, I keep working on it, step by step. ☺️

And I noticed a sort of pattern within my last “urban” sketches, that I thought I could share with you. 😊



First of all, I am sure some of you won’t think these sketches really show urban scenes!! 😅😉

There are two reasons for that :
– I live in a French large village with 6500 inhabitants so it’s only a bit urban!! 😜
– Plus, I like plants and flowers and it’s spring so I tend to pick composite views with a lovely garden or a tree over boring rows of façades. ☺️

And I think this is a part of my strategy! 😙 Continue reading

Video with explanations! Mango 15 mn watercolor demo.

That’s my first try at making a watercolor demo and talking in English at the same time… 😅
So, really, thank you in advance for your indulgence!… I know it’s a bit more than I can chew for now, but I wanted to be able to offer you a video with some talking (so you can hear me laughing 😁 😜 ).

My English is awful, full of mistakes and pronunciation errors, but I hope the explanations will be nevertheless understandable enough and that they will bring some useful tips and information to you. 😊

Please ask if there is something you can’t understand, because of the English or of a bad explanation. ☺️


I am painting with a squirrel mop, plus a squirrel and sable reservoir brush, on the Daler Rowney sketchbooks with cheap paper 😳 I am using for some time now.

Do you like my really loose mango?! Full of dripping effects, backruns and splatters?! 😝
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Video : Taj Mahal quick sketch watercolor demo. :)

First of all, thank you so much for your comments on the previous articles. I really love that this blog can be a place for sharing, with interesting creative exchanges!
Thanks for being a part of it, reacting and sharing your point of view, your experience!


Today, I would like to share with you a video I made when doing some India sketches as a prep for my future watercolor workshop there. (Hiiiiii, so excited!!!! 😆)
That’s a 15 mn loose watercolor sketch of the Taj Mahal. 😊 The video is 5 mn long, though, as I speeded up some parts. 😉



I hope it will be interesting for you to watch! 😊
I admit that it’s interesting for me, too, because it’s a chance to take a step back and to consider how I work with another perspective. Continue reading

One of the secrets for successful watercolors?!

I just managed, right now, to express something that I have probably been started to grasp for a few months… And putting it into words will be a great help, I am pretty sure!! That’s why I want to share it with you (hoping that helps ☺).

So, here is my new secret for amazing watery yet strong watercolors… 😉😀

Use enough water when you paint on dry paper. 

And use enough pigment when you paint on wet paper!! 😝

I am pretty sure this seems obvious for some of you… It seems almost obvious to me, now, but it wasn’t, a few months ago. Plus, I think it’s not always pretty obvious in my painting practice, so I am going to work on it now that I have this mantra in my head. 😊 

Btw, when I say “on wet paper”, it can mean that you work wet on wet, wetting your whole paper first like some watercolorists do, OR that you put your brush again on an area you just painted (so, on a wet wash). 

The idea behind my today “secret” 😉 is not new, for sure, but I don’t think I ever read it expressed that way so I thought it was worth sharing. 😊

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Video of Marc Taro Holmes watercolor demo. [in Alvor, Portugal]

Hi guys! 😀

I am very happy, today, to be able to share with you this video I made, showing Marc Taro Holmes in action, during our workshop in Portugal!
Thank you so much, Marc, for allowing me to share this! 😉

That’s so fascinating to be able to watch and study Marc brushwork, its way to handle a large scene, its technique of using at times juicy paint and at times thicker one… Seeing, that way, a painting “creating itself” in front of our eyes really is awesome! 😝


As I was rather close to Marc, 😉 I was capable of catching great close-up views of his painting technique and brushwork, with two different lenses and my hybrid camera. For this demo, I was able to keep the sound too, so you can even benefit from a few of his advices. 😛 Continue reading