Camellia flowers sketches

Let’s compare, just for fun, my camellia flowers sketches frome last year and from this year.
The idea is not necessarily to say that I have made absolutely huge progresses 😜 but rather to understand what is different now in my way of painting. 🙂

So, 2015 camellias sketches. 🙂


And 2016 camellias flowers.


What do you think?
Don’t be shy, please tell me ! 😀


I personally like the two top sketches for 2015 but they are probably more conventional than the 2016 ones, with the dripping, splattering, backruns and wet on wet effects! 🙂
You may have noticed, too, that the paper is not the same?! 😉

The moral of this sketching story is that each time you paint a flower, it appears in a unique way in front of your eyes and later on the paper.
It’s fun and so interesting to go out of our confort zone and to try new things! That’s how we evolve. 😌

6 thoughts on “Camellia flowers sketches

    • Thank you so much, Janet and Caroline!
      I am really proud and happy you like my new loose dripping style!!! 😛 😉

  1. The ’16 flowers have a more refine “looseness” that is lovely. These would look great framed or as note/greeting cards.
    The top two ’15 make me think of designs for fabric….pillow.

    • Thank you so much, Linda, for these useful opinion about the sketches! 😀
      You are very right. 🙂

  2. I would love to know more about your watercolor journey – what tutorials, books or experimental techniques did you follow to get to where you are today? As a beginner in watercolor, I’d be very interested to hear your answer 🙂

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