Flowing and dripping watercolors.

As I gradually learn about watercolor, I keep coming across this idea : USE MORE WATER!!
(and use more pigment if you don’t want that your painting seems weak and diluted).

It was already actually one of my “10 tips for nice and fresh watercolors”. 😊

So, I keep working on it and I keep figuring out that I can do even more in this direction!! Yeah, even MORE water!!

The reason why water is so important, for watercolor, is because water make the pigment float, move and react… 😉
Like so, your use of water determines how the paint is going to set on the page, whatever your taste is.

You like smooth regular washes? Create a carpet of water where the pigment will be able to set regularly!
You like crazy watery effects, melting colors and granulation, like me? Make the watercolor run on the page to create fascinating patterns! Don’t create a lake, for a change, but a river for your colors!! 😀

You can even envision to disturb your wash at the right time to play even more with our fascinating medium. 😝




Let me tell you my watery experiences of these past few days. 😊

I am not sure how it happened in my head… Continue reading